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bat hanging upside down
2017-04-25 12:42:57
I was on the edge of a rode where there was a car upside down burning. My mother and father were standing next to it. I saw my aunt which was really nice came to pick me up from the scene took me to my house. She was emotionless. When we entered the drive way the garage door was open and I saw my big bother in the garage fixing his bike.In his hand was a wrench. My aunt and I entered the house but reversed and we left the house going into my aunt's car. Leaving my brother. When we parked i saw she had taken me to a funeral house. When i entered the place i noticed i had in my hand the exact same wrench my older brother had in his hand. I went to a room where there was a lot of people wearing black clothes. I saw there was a black casket and a bunch of flowers around it. I went to the casket to see my older brother which was at the garage was now in the casket. He was dead. His eyes were closed and his hand folded on to each other. Tears started to stream down my eyes. I placed the wrench i was holding under his hands. My two cousins stood next to me looking down at my brother. I turned around the opposite way of the casket and in the distance i saw my brother laughing and throwing his hands in the air. I smiled at him. I looked back at the casket and there was my brother still laying in it. I turned the opposite way of the casket again and there was my brother standing there laughing and pointing. Apparently i was the only one who noticed my brother. then people started to surround the casket. Then when looked back at the casket my brother was laying in was closed. I started to cry again. Tears falling from my eyes in a pattern. The left eye then the right. Then they placed the casket in a wall, and sealed it shut. I rubbed my eyes and when i removed my hands from rubbing my eyes I was back at my house with my two cousins and a male friend of mine. They all were laughing sitting around a table. I started to laugh with them too. But there was no siting of my brother.
2015-08-06 14:47:12


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