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Valentines day
2013-05-17 03:50:25
I had a dream the other night where I was riding in a car driving down a suburban neighborhood street and every one was trick-or-treating like it was Halloween but it was Valentines day. There were Valentines day decorations on most of the home's doors and there were people dressed in cupid-like outfits and walking like zombies. As I traveled down the street I started to witness riots where people dressed in black were beating the zombies dressed in Valentines Day-like outfits yelling things like "God doesn't approve". After that I went home and was immediately scared because people were trying to break into my house. It was three people 1 woman and 2 men they were banging on my door like they weren't going to stop until they broke the door down. I ran to the back of my house and was able to relax like I had some time to spare, I started to pack. Then I walked down my hallway into a room where there was a large bird cage, in the cage there was a red bird, an orange bird, a green bird, and a yellow bird. The red and orange bird were just "normal" small birds, but the green bird was awkward looking with a long neck and made of beads. The yellow bird had the design of a pea***** and was unfriendly. Even though I don't have birds in real life I felt like I needed to save these birds, I had a love for them. In the dream I needed to transfer each one into a smaller cage so that I could leave my house (that was being invaded by the people trying to break in). The first bird I got was the red one, which in the dream was my favorite. I then got the orange one, which didn't have much meaning to me for some reason. Both the red and orange bird went into the smaller cage willingly. Then I went to get the green bird made of beads and it urinated all over me on the way to put it in the smaller cage. So I hurried and put it in the cage. In the dream I could actually feel it. I was wet, so I went to change clothes quickly. Next I went to try and retrieve the yellow pea*****-designed bird and it was hiding from me and took a little while to get it out of the cage. Once I got it out it bit me on the finger, causing it to bleed so I pulled my hand away and it went back into the cage. After that I could hear the people breaking in getting closer to getting into my house so I rushed to the other room to keep packing- leaving the yellow bird. I was packing my clothes when all of the sudden in my hallway the attic door opened by itself and a clear box full of silver fell out of the attic. I interpreted it in the dream as my late Grandmother's silver. I was confused and slowly walked towards the box. I retrieved it and on my bed was now the small bird cage, my suit case, and the box of silver.
2013-03-20 16:28:39
i dreamed on Valentines Day
2013-02-15 18:08:32


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