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puppies in a vault
2017-05-05 06:40:29
I moved into a house (with the boys and there sister, my step daughter). The house was a one story house with a basement. I was in my bedroom, in bed, when Ramius and his sister walked in my room. My bed high above the floor in at angle... It was like a loft style bedroom, with a vaulted ceiling about 12ft. and I was at the very top. They telepathically told me something was in the house and they needed me. I go with them, walking the hallway from my room toward the rest of the house... The kids and I could sense movement and heard the ghost but could not see it. I commanded in the name of Christ I for the ghosts to show themselves... The ghost grabbed a white shirt I had (It belonged to my ex Grace) to put on showing its silhouette as it went toward a 100 year old rocking chair I have... (i do own it) She sat in it and appeared. I nor the children were afraid. The woman was veiled from her forehead back in white and pink fine linens around her body, a dress... She gave a sense of royalty. She spoke to me/us of things... she informed me the house was haunted, that there were 3 ghosts. I asked her if there was a psychic among the ghosts that could help me and she said 'no'... There was no one of them like that. My ex husband showed up to bring Marcus and he was the only one who reacted saying Oh Hell No! Marcus seemed ok. I felt *****ually aroused suddenly... I excused myself back toward my room. On the way down the hall toward my room I found the basement door to my right. Suddenly another ghost opened the door.It was young man-ghost who was dark skinned like an Aztec but was more Caribbean looking. He was wearing a sports jersey, royal blue and jeans, he was tall and said "what's up" like he hasn't seen me in forever... He walked toward the rocking chair, talking to the kids, the lady in white gone. At the door the third ghost appears, a woman dressed as nun from an earlier christian period, she was short, busty, wearing a mask of a Happy Buddha. No ghost went back down, and the last two spoke to the children only.
2013-09-03 17:32:46


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