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two black vehicles
2015-11-02 06:49:41
its the end of the world as all people and creatures alike know it. not just desolation, but sheeer destruction of the entire planet. in my dream i am seeing meteors plumit and crash down hitting the earth and as they keep coming the earth is completely torn apart in fragments , only leaving large chunks afloat in *****e. i see vehicles and people and houses and motor homes and all sorts of objects afloat in *****e as some people. I look around in wondering where my husband and daughter are, if i will ever see them again. I come along this motor home and a woman figure in the driver seat, she said it will be ok. i ask her have you saw my family? she doesn't answer. i say i will be back i swim thriugh the *****e air with ittle oxygen left in the air remaining. looking for my family, i come along to see my daughter and hug her, taking her by her hand i take her to the motor home is and the female figure i previously met up with. I tell my daughter to stay here while i look for dad, she says she is getting cold and i tell her in just a litle bit we will use what propane is left in the tanks. it will be completely dark soon and we will freeze if we use it now. i go out to search for my husband, i ask what ffew people are left around , and no one knows. i search further, i find him and tell him i foind stephanie. i take him to her and the motor home with the female figure. . she is in controll of the journey being in the driver seat. she says God is in controll and everything will be ok. Joseph and i turn on the propane for what litttle there was we all face each other leaning our heads together, wrapping our arms around each other and saying we love each other. We dont let go but as if frozen already is how our bodies and love and all we were , were frozen in time and never to be undone as a family who loved each other. Our souls must have ascended to God since he was in controll from the begining, but i still wonder?
2014-06-09 12:41:49
I was sleeping on compund wall with open eyes on a bright day (may it was a kind of evening) one person who's hip was tied with a rop and that was holded by another person behind. Both theses persons were laughing. They walk towards me and they wanted to shake hand with me, but I was felling uncomfortable to shake hand and avoided them. But still they were insisting and I started levaing that pleace, however they still approaching me and I was really afraid of them a started running, I turn back and saw were they still following but they henven't following, I ran too far. But when I was checking on people following me I saw a bus and disappeared. I kept on running looking for a way to reach home, however I enter a old building. I saw people sitting on the side of the road of a basement in that building, I was stilled feared to ask them for a path. However I asked one old man sitting but he didn't talk to me. I kept running inside the building and reached a place ans stopped runing and started walking. I saw many women, some are aged, some young. At last I reached the balcony kind of place where I saw a huge broader four road junction with very little traffic of vehicles and people. The balcony didn't had any kind of stop wall it was a open. I saw if I can jump but it would have been a wrong decision if I have jumped, so was wondering how to read the road. After a while a mid aged lady took a small tumbler on her right hand a swing it and hit on my right upper chest and that tiny tumbler went inside my chest. I woken up from sleep, but still on bed, having very disturibed sleep. I was afraid and started praying. I forceful woken up myself as I was to rush to work.
2014-04-14 01:04:36


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