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2018-10-04 07:38:02
I was in Virginia where my Mother lives and I saw this man pass me as I was walking down the sidewalk to the house where I was going, he stopped and asked me where had I been, before I said anything my Mother came around the corner of then house while the man and I was standing on the porch she said to the man to ask me out on a date and take me somewhere so the man asked me for my phone number. As I went into the house I walked up a flight of stairs to an apartment where I went to see this young man that I felt I was in love with and I could see he was in love with me too. He wad having some problems with his ex girlfriend. then the young man and I was a church sitting together I was looking at the ministers on them pulpit, then all of a sudden the there were a funeral in the church where we were at. so another young man said to me thanks for coming to my cousin funeral, he looked very discouraged. next we went to the store and I saw the other young man from his cousins funeral and his sister at the store, he asked me that he thought I wasn't dating any one I said I am not he is my friend and he said why does he stay close to you so I said he cares for me. then we heard some noise and we all looked out the store window and saw these two men beat up this woman and throw her on the ground and tear her clothes from the waste down off her private parts was showing , I saw one man put white foam on the woman private parts and use his fingers to ***** her and the other man was pulling his pants down and all of this was happening in the public but no one would help her because they said it was a gang doing it to the lady so every just watched.
2014-05-31 18:14:24
Daughter Virginia naked
2014-01-09 18:28:25


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