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I was at what i think was a party.. my 'friend' who i've never really liked went home on what looked like a motorbike.. i got jealous because i'm known for having a bike.. i started to imagine what it would be like to ride her bike.. all of a sudden i am riding her bike.. to my disappointment it is only a moped ... i take it back to her house at night and park it next to an inflatable kayak.. i take the moped out for a second joy ride, this time with the kayak.. i get to a small fairytale-like lake, that is glowing and surrounded by willow trees and soft moss d*****d over rounded rocks.. nothing happens there but next i am on horse back with the kayak over my shoulder.. i stop by a tree at the top of a small bank.. somehow i do something wrong and the horse is dead, hanging from a rope on the tree, it's head and shoulders resting slightly on the ground. Blood starts to run down the hill... I'm not panicking at this point.. everything is calm.. i take the kayak and the moped back to the girls house and then go back to the horse.. all i can think is hat i'm going to be found out.. someone is going to see the horse... At the bottom of the bank there are some small houses, one of which i remember from another dream.. it was my boyfriends aunts house in my dream and i had stayed there previously... at the back of the houses were areas that were filled with water (there has been a lot of flooding near me lately) the water starts to turn an orangey red-ish colour and i realise it must be the horses blood tainting the water.. now i hear voices shouting and screaming about the hanged horse on the hill... i just remember feeling scared and guilty.. but not panicked..then i woke up..... This dream has been bothering me for two days and i still remember how everything felt so vividly..
2014-02-15 13:27:36
2012-08-06 07:00:22


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