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Had a dream Walking with mom in grocery store/Walmart, I'm balancing on a very tall device that can walk for me. She's to my right. We pass some pretty tall people like 7/8ft I'm as tall as them. We make a left turn and I'm about to fall due to imbalance. I put the device in a box. It looks like a really tall chair but idk how I was moving, sensation of gliding not taking steps. I sit at my computer almost identical setup to work. I get to the point where there is ***** all over my screen, young fingering old, a window above it with something idk and to the right it was a pic of CSP that was a video they're older more worn down can see the belly.. I remember being overwhelmed with all this and about to ***** but there was a womans head that appeared to my left. I shoved this ***** I suddenly had into her mouth roughly and she disappeared. I got mad and took it out on my dog, my desk became of disarray, and my dog just clings closer to me but I can tell it's out of fear and then I woke uo Had a dream Prison themed, wentworth esque with Vera the warden (not *****ual) I remember oitnb too I remember being a red head Carly, I wanted to escape prison and I could do it if it was Easter. Remember this purple decorated egg on the wall and 1 egg on 1 bunny it could escape. A bunny could hold 10 eggs and the guard could do something to take eggs away. Well it was may, Easter had passed and I wanted to hurt the guard I grabbed his ***** tried to hurt him and he let me so eventually I just start sucking him instead just this really powerful urge - I want this and we end up *****ing on the floor he pins me. Well suddenly Vera comes in and other people I have to scatter I go from the hall to this storage room area with a mini library after I hide from her I just sit in the back for hours, completely silent. A huge group of people come in including Barlow from oitnb (she's not a prisoner) and others, all for some class or workshop and I'm still there. Eventually someone who isn't a prisoner comes to this glass door in the back and she asks for someone to open up the door, I decide this is my chance and I do it (no idea of my clothing) and she asks my name. I close the door on her and start freaking out. I go back to where I was *****ing and there's a recently escaped inmate there. I come back and someone else opens the door but I shake her hand and greet her as the escaped inmates name. I ask the room which is now looking like a small cafeteria has been added to it, who can help this chick out and people raise their hand all the way at the end. I walk down with her and we have to go in between every seat and the people get bigger as I go, this black girl gets upset she has too big of an*****(she has an inmate outfit on) and I tell her I get it my*****is too big too (but Carly's isn't) so I cut between somewhere else and I sit at this table, they start talking... It gets hazy but I remember wanting to ***** that guard again, I wanted to get back in jail so I could. I remember wanting it so bad that I *****d hard in the dream(and it felt real like I did it irl so I was surprised when I woke up) I remember these guards trying to hide out in a reserve room with tv etc a broken in wall that had drugs etc money I didn't know this but i tried hiding there when I was about to get caught, the door was cracked and I looked through it they saw me and came all the way over to bust.. idk if I was even noticed compared to the hole in the wall
2017-07-16 10:09:44
2016-08-19 01:40:04
Sewing workshop
2014-01-23 03:59:11
theft in my workshop
2013-08-19 00:16:09
It were two dreams that atmosphere wise did go together. It started off with me as a rockstar, with a huge fanbase who was rather reluctant. I am in a concert together with two other musicians that perform alongside me and the audience is all there for one of the musicians. I am a kind of a leader of this music group with the biggest fanbase. So everyone plays there songs and I play one song, then go and leave the audience going. My two musician friends with me and I basically just don't care and am reluctant while the fans are patiently and happily waiting. The next thing is that immediately afterwards I'm in a kind of house supposedly with flatmates and it is all on a kind of workshop ensemble or school trip. Most of the ensemble have gathered to be together and have company. I am in my piyamas not knowing that people got together and am in my slippers. I walk outside the house through quite a bit of grass and plant area. There is a big puddle and I don't want to get my clothes dirty because I'll lie down in bed in a few minutes. So I kind of manage to go through the deep puddle without getting wet or dirty except for my slippers and join the people. The most I remember is that it's a normal company people are having fun being happy ,except me. And someone starts approaching me, trying to lift my mood. Eventually I get annoyed and start shouting rather aggressively to be left alone today. The fun stops, everyone is looking at me in shock. I repeat the words by miming them with the mouth. The one person that tried to lift my spirits is crushed and I leave, feeling guilty and actually feeling the need for company. At the same time feeling I have fixed my role as the grumpy 'Dr. Cox' guy and leave back to the house, surprised that the puddle by now has dried.
2013-06-28 16:25:13
I was at my high school, and had left my bag in a room, so I went back to get it. In there the room was dark, there were some of my friends and classmates taking a detention which was actually a revision workshop for the English language exam I had this morning. I stayed there for a while and am not sure why, the dream is blurry here. I then wondered why I was standing there and gathered my things and went out. Then things are fuzzy again. After that, I was in a cafe or perhaps a bar, and Alo from skins was there. He turned into Rich and then there were two of Rich. One of them was talking about not being sure if he should get together with or get back with a girl. I thought to myself that Rich and Alo are *****y. Then I left the cafe or bar and remember either myself or Rich did something to annoy or anger what I think were some old people. We ran along a street for about 2 seconds then stopped, because they were no longer chasing us. Then I saw my crush. I followed him down the street and he kept saying something, I think he was saying "First." When I caught up to him properly, rather than him just looking at me oddly as he usually does, he linked my arm and continue to say "First. I have to be first. I must be your first." I thought I heard him say. I thought he meant *****. I remembered he was no longer a virgin. Then we approach what I think looked like Buckingham palace. My crush spoke in a very posh voice about something and I knew he wanted to be first to get into the museum. We approached what I remember as a towel rail, a phone box and a one man tent with a zipper, which was bright and colourful. He turned me around and I thought that the tent was not for me and that he wanted ***** with my friend instead. I thought he wanted to be first in the museum. He then span me around again and told me to leave my coat, so I laid it down in the tent and Ipped the tent closed. Then my crush said something and I turned to look at him. His hair was dissheveld. He spoke in a very posh voice. Then he put a dressing gown on the grass. The tent was pitched next to a short slope. He said "Poppy is missing!". I asked him what he meant and then thought that Poppy is a small doll of a girl. He kept her in the sleeve of the dressing gown. He said "I like for Poppy to haunt my night gowns nightly." he laid down on the grass on top of the dressing gown and I was knelt next to him. I thought I how I wanted to ruffle his hair. Then I was woken up.
2012-05-19 01:38:36
2012-05-02 01:41:54


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