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ugh..ok lol. it was one of those dreams that are so vivid and detailed that it's scary as *****. you me and tim were in this house, idk what house. but there were a lot of other people in it too. like some of my friends from home and stuff. and idk exactly how this part started, but tim was telling you that it's like this weird rite of passage into theater or some show that some people have to go through that he has up to 30 times to shoot you. and each time he shoots you, you have to get up and then be shot again. and if you make it to 30 without dying, then i guess you win. idk so *****ed up. and you were like ugh, *****. i guess i've got to do this. and everyone else in the house was like well good luck brandon. and i was like um ***** no, why are we listening to tim. and you were like no its ok, it'll be fine. so everyone left the house and drove away. but my car was on the street of the house you were in, so i sat in my car and pretended i left. and this shooting ***** was happening in the upstairs bathroom and there was a window so i could see. and he literally shot you, i'd hear a thud when you fell to the ground, and then you'd get up. and he'd do it again. and i literally was sitting there counting how many times it happened. initially you started standing and then would fall and stand back up. but then you just sat on the toilet instead and would fall off that, and then sit back up. he was only shooting you in the arms, shoulders and legs tho. and like you were clearly not well from what i could see in the window and tim kept like apologizing saying im sry i have to do this but clearly he wasnt. so i'm sitting there counting the shots, and it stopped after 28 and i waited and waited and was like ugh ***** this and ran inside. all the doors were locked so i like busted inside. and i go up to the bathroom and knock the door down and no one is in there but it's covered in blood. so then i go to the room next door and listen before opening and i hear you guys. so i knock and walk in. and you're both laying on the bed, not touching each other. but like trying to have a conversation. you're all bandaged up. and i sit in this chair next to your side and i'm like omg, are you okay. and tim starts talking before you do and i look at him and i'm like "tim if you dont shut the ***** up right now you're going to be the next one shot." so then you start talking, and your voice was all slurred and you like couldnt get full sentences out. i was so upset, but you're like it's alright i made it. and you were telling me that you were shot in your throat or something so your voice will always be like that. and that you broke your collar bone. then the next little while is blurry, but i know you get out of bed and have this horrible limp. so now i'm even more upset and am yelling at tim like how the hell is this a rite of passage if he cant sing or dance anymore. and he obviously had no good answer. so you walk downstairs and walk across the street to let some group of ppl know you're okay. and my friends all come back and i'm like livid. everyone is like you did what you could. and this is when i got most upset, because i was like..i sat in my car and watched this happen when i could have done something. and then one of my friends from home tried to calm me down, and was like you did all you could do, at least he's alive. and was making reference to brandon's brother and that incident (which is why i woke up so upset... :-/ ) and i was like no..i sat by and didn't do enough once again. and i'm like going nuts in this house and they finally calm me down. and then i look out the window and you're walking back up to the house crossing the street, and you're smiling cuz you're alive. but you have this horrible limp crossing the street. so i loose it again and i'm like where the ***** is tim. so i find him and ppl are trying to hold me back and i get in his face and i'm like 'if i ever find out that you're doing this again to somebody else, i promise you that whatever pain they're in, you'll be in much much worse." and then my friends like pulled me away crying. i got back in my car and sat there are cried and then woke up...
2013-08-14 07:59:49
In my dream i am living with a family friend. they only wanted me and they seperated my so called "brother" and "sister" but the people werent nice and i overheard them talking about selling me for money. i then remembered my brother dominc toretto (vin diesel) left me a phone number to call him if i was ever in trouble. i called him and he Told me to stay in the house and that he would throw a rock at the window and when he did that for me to go to the window and fall backward. He caught me and carried me to a guy where one of his best friend Brian (Paul Walker) was waiting fr us. as soon as we got in we drove and 3 cars were chasing us but brian manage to escape and cause them to lose control. We later stop at a gas station but than guys came in and where looking to kill us. brian and I jumped through the window but i got lots of cuts and pieces of glass inside of me. Brian notice andd told my brother dom. we drove a bit more and then we stopped at a motel. Dom and Bbrian gently started taking the glass out of my skin. i cleaned up and ate and fell asleep. i awoke a few hours later from a nightmare. Dom gently calm me down and soothe me. I went back to sleep in woke up in the car dominic was sitting next to me and made me promise to remember 6 important things "one: No pain no gain, two It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning's winning, three: Trust and honesty is the key to family, four: Don’t ever lie to your family, 6: I love you… Don’t ever forget that” i promised soon i fell asleepp again and woke up in a strange room wearing a frilly nightgown. I walked down the stairs and saw a girl that i later realized was my sister, i cried a talk to them and fell asleep exausted with emotions. i woke up to a party going on there was so many people i got some hot clothes and started flirting with some guys but then dom came in and told everyone that if they merely touched me he would kill them all so they are left. i got angry went got vanilla ice cream and went to watch tv. dom and brian sat next to me and told me how much they loved me and how they would do anything to protect me. that no matter what i would always have them. After it was 4am i fell asleep leaning on dom. he chuckled and carried me to Mia's room. I woke up and started down the stairs i couldn't find any one till a girl found me she took me to the secret backyard where everyone was making barbeque. i asked Mia who the girl was and she told me it was Dominic girlfriend Letty. I thought she was really sweet and pretty. Mia told me she was sarcastic, but loving, but very strongwill and tough. I thought it was coo. I wallked up to one of Dominic close friend i met at the party who was called Vince. I asked him to lift me up to the branch so i can climb the tree. As i was climbing dom realized i was in the tree and was worried mia looked like she was going to have a heart attacked. I started showing off each time getting closer to the tip of the branch. The branch broke and i started falling but than i feel someone catch me. I looked up to see Dominic caught me, he looked at me and told me never to pull that stunt again. I promise and everyone hugged me.
2012-02-01 17:54:17


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