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In my dream Trump was on trial for treason and was protesting that his jailers did not supply him with enough adult diapers. Jared and Ivanka had fled the country ahead of arrest by President Biden and had taken refuge in Russia. There they planned a great semenancy ritual intended to exert sodomic mind control power over the American public while the nation was weakened by the pandemic.

What is the meaning of In my dream Trump was on trial In a dream

What does it means In my dream Trump was on trial In a dream ? - Dream meaning


Natural world. Basic needs and desires. Feeling confined by expectations. To dream of being in a beautiful and fertile country, where abound rich fields of grain and running streams of pure water, denotes the very acme of good times is at hand. Wealth will pile in upon you, and you will be able to reign in state in any country. If the country be dry and bare, you will see and hear of troublous times. Famine and sickness will be in the land.

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mind control

Dreaming of being able to mind control other people in your dream actually shows the opposite and usually indicates that you are having troubles in life with motivating people to follow your wishes.

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Conflict. Resolution. Need to test some boundaries.

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