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A black van pulls up in front

A black van pulls up in front of my house at night and I get the feeling they're gonna kill me , terrified I run to the backyard to hide and try to tell my dad and brother to run since they were out back with me. The people make it in the house and Imhear gun shots. I lay hiding in the dirt and leaves in the dark when they come out back to look for trying to see if anyone ran away. I hear one more gun shot and then the men leave. My family is unharmed and runs out to see my exboyfriend who I love dearly was the one shot in the backyard. He was trying to look for me and got shot.

Im in school and I keep seeing

Im in school and I keep seeing my exboyfriend Jerry kissing his girlfriend Gillian but she is really in a girl named Debins body. I scream profanity at him everytime he shows her affection. Jerry is my first love. I am in my elementary school in my IEP class and everyone is getting on the bus and I see Jerry runnin towards the buses. Suddenly I am in Jerrys house and he is trying to kill himself by mixing a bunch of chemicals and smoking them. His older sister blames me for him trying to kill himself.

My ex boyfriend died last month. Last

My ex boyfriend died last month. Last night I saw him in my dreams. I was at his mothers house. Before I entered the house there were a lot of dead roaches on the outside by the door. I went in the house with my sisters. My oldest sister who is known in real life to see things or know things saw my exboyfriend in the house. She signaled me that she saw him in the hallway so I moved seats because I was scared to see him. His mom is doing is schoolwork. All of a sudden I hear his voice calling my name and I yell his name back, get up and run to him in the hallway. We embrace each other with a large hug. I tell him that I miss him and he thanks me for coming. We walk together into the main room with everybody and he begins to talk about a black car that's outside. I joke on him for his dry skin that he use to always have. I laugh and tell him that he needs some lotion!

Someone was stalking me. I called my

Someone was stalking me. I called my exboyfriend and he came over with my neighbor. My daughter was asleep on the couch and wouldn't go upstairs. The intruder broke in and shot my exboyfriend. He only wanted me. I couldn't call for help. I had to carry him outside to a truck that was broken down but it had wood sides. I had to stab him several times but he wouldn't die. Then I had to slit his throat. he still didn't die. I had to cut his head off. he was still alive. He followed me around and looked like a squirrel. I tried to stab him in the heart. The cops finally came and she had to cut where his ears were supposed to be. The police had to take pictures of everything.