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I had this dream when inwas very

I had this dream when inwas very young I am now 23 I still remember it vividly I was infront of the "pearly gates" to enter heavem but in my dream they were gold and on each side of the gate were an angel holdin up a trumpet, the gates opened and I saw a golden sidewalk and heaven was on a pink cloud, so I walked down the golden sidewalk I stopped infront of 2 paths on kept going straight the other forked off to the left and was filled with gold and treasure, I thought that was the path leading to god, but as I started down the path towards the gold a vouce told me to turn around this isnt the way, so I went on the straight path and cameto god on his throne he looked like the jack on cards, than everything went dark and jesus and god was arguing, I thought I wasnt goig to heaven, but than I saw again and right in my face a book flipped rapidly than stopped on a page it had list of names and I saw a particular name in my dream though I didnt get a good look but got a sense of relief satisfaction so I assumed I got into heave and hat was the book of life