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The Dream appeard to take place in

The Dream appeard to take place in our family home...Everyone seemd to enter from the front door and through the den into the family and Kitchen area..My (Passed June 2010) father entered carrying a plate with foil over it as he would if he were going to someones house for a get together brining food we acknolowedged each other hugged and shook hands.. he continured to move about ...My Uncle Tom (passed away in the May 1985) walked through and around the room looked over at me acknowledged me noddeed his head smiled and moved on... my Uncle Rich (Passed Aug 2012) walked through the room looked at me seemd to be a little angry at me but smirked and nodded his head....then My Mother came (Passed 2/18/99) She was wearing a Scotch Print Wool Skirt and jacket, I remember this suit on her when I was young maybe in the early 1970's... I saw her I hugged her and I begain to cry ..and say "I just Didn't Know ..I just didn't Know"...I was then confronted with a girl I knew as a child she was my sisters age he name was Michelle Blakney and I really never had more than a passign Hello relations hip with her as she was much older and I was her younger sistes age...She approached me and told me things would be fine and that "He is waitng at the hotel for you all to meet with him" I remember her huggin my head as I was crying...I then Woke up....I later found out that Michelle had Died last year ..I did not know that at the time. I then woke up.. I felt as if there was some place I need to go and relized where I was. The Room this all took place in seemd to be well lit not dark not scary.. I was never afraid only felt happy I could see them all...

I was on my ship that I

I was on my ship that I served on in the Navy in the 1980's walking by a compartment and in the compartment I saw 4 NY Yankees from the 1970's - 3 pitchers (Ron Gidury, Goose Gossage, and Catfish Hunter) as well as another player not a pitcher but I can't recall who it was. They all had boxes of baseball memorabilia from the 70's with them. I realized that I had in essence stepped back in time that we were in present day 2012 but they were in essence in the 1970's and could not "reach" me. I also realized that their memorabilia was valuable. For whatever reason I was a real jerk to them - and I knew that there was nothing they could do about it. For example, I told Goose Gossage that he was going to have a hard time getting into the hall of fame, told Gidury that he would become a Yankees pitching coach and nothing more, and told Catfish hunter that he would die a young man of Lou Gehrig's disease. I also told them how successful Reggie Jackson had become. I was also rummaging through their memorabilia and was going to steal some of it. Through all of this they just stood there behind their memorabilia and it seemed as though they could do or say nothing. They were almost like cardboard figures. For whatever reason I decided not to take anything and began to walk out, and as I did I looked over my shoulder and made a wise ass comment, but I don't recall what it was. As I turned again to look forward I saw Joe Torre, Bucky Dent, Craig Nettles, Chris Chambliss, and other 1970's Yankees walking in, but they were not young and in their 20's but as they currently look and in their current age. I remember distinctly that Joe Torre was in front and was holding a baseball bat - he was also wearing sun glasses. It was at that point that I realized that I had not stepped back in time but we were in present day and that these Yankees were all gathering for old timer's day. No one said a word to me and I walked out past the Yankees that came in. Fear and shame swept over me because I knew that my actions would be known to the world. That's where the dream ended.

I dreamt that Lily had sold all

I dreamt that Lily had sold all of my appliances in my house or at some sort of the apartment I owned. Granted it had older 1970’s appliances, copper fridge, avocado stove. Lily found someone who offered lot of money for it because they liked the style. She figured that she would sell all these items without asking me. I don't know if I got any money for it. I was pissed off because she did ask me. I never even saw any money. I went to use the shower but I couldn’t as she had also sold the light switch for the bathroom. She even sold the toilet. There was nothing but a hole in the floor with crap about.

I keep have dreams where I'm interacting

I keep have dreams where I'm interacting with people I know or have met throughout my life sometimes talking, laughing, discussing something serious or involved in some type of activity and before waking up somewhere in the dream I see my mom or feel her presense in the dream. She never say anything, just looks at me an smile sometimes it feels like she is actually laughing at a joke or something my friends are saying. It feels as though she is right there with me and when I wake up I seem to forget the dream but just know that my mom was with me while I was asleep. Her and my dad were murdered in 1979 and I have had these dreams since their passing. Every now and then I dream about my dad too but it's mostly my mom. Please tell me how do I interpret this dream. It is not a nightmare because I feel calm and at peace when I wake up. Thank you.

My mother died June 23 2012, this

My mother died June 23 2012, this is the 1st real dream I had of her. 1st she was at a house hiding cause someone was after her. Like she got caught up with someone bad and was trying to get away. And I saw this person with a brown beard and hair, getting out of jail. I got to the house and started to secure it by making sure all entrences are secure and locked. There was a back door that led to a concreate wall and when I opened it this little gray cat came in and I realized it was my cat that died a few years ago. Her name was little kitty. I realized this when I woke up. So the back door had this broken lock so I secured it with heavy crates. Then I go into another room and see this cage with what I thought was a dead hampster but it was just asleep and i rocked the cage and it got up and then I realized it was my mothers old hampster that died a few years ago. It was in room with a young lady I didn't know, she was sleeping in bed and got up and said something And i can't remember what. then i was this store dollar tree buying Maybelline Blush and eyeshadow. Then We are driving in my car a chevy colbolt and I said mom did you tell him where you live and she answered yes and I got mad but we still got home. and there were three cars, my dads 1978 Blue Nova (my dad passed away Jan 4 2012) And another car And I said we have to park these cars at 1st there wasn't any spots then it cleared up and the nova was already parked. there was also raw meat in this dream, like I just bought it home from the store. I just left it in the house. Then we decided to go to Doney Park - Me my brother (Alive) and My mom (Dead) - but i wanted to clean out the car 1st. my brother got into the drivers seat and my mom got into the back and I said no let me drive and let her sit up here and I was mad that he wouldn't pull over so i opened the side door and he started to pull over and while he is pulling over a cop passes us. so the red white and blue lights flash and we were already pulled over and I just started cleaning the car out again. And told the cop i was just cleaning it out. but he still asked for my brothers license which he didn't have one, which is true in real life. So they took him out of the car and then i had this talk with my mother. Mom don't you know your dead, she acting surprised and said no, and I said I have your ashes and she was like it doesn't matter. And I had her beside me and asked the cop if he could see her and he said see who and then my mother strunk into a doll which which i was holding and then was gone.