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My exboyfriend told me he dreamed that

My exboyfriend told me he dreamed that he was being chased, and a stranger let him hide inside a house. Only to find that the stranger was having sex with me. which made him very angry

I dreamed that I was out shopping

I dreamed that I was out shopping and I got in a wheel chair that was motorized. I looked at some formal gowns. The colors red, gold, and black. I than went to a clearance rack and found 2 sports bras for $2.40. I held on to them and would walk a little and get back in the wheelchair. As I Wes on the way out I saw my mother shopping and talking to 2 men that seemed tobe flirting. I walked with them and we all were talking and joking. I begin telling them about me meeting men and how one of my exboyfriend was crazy. My mother and I get home but it does not look like our house my high school sweet heart comes to visit me and my is growling at him do I pot the dog in a room and close the door. We sit in a living room that has a window that you can see the kitchen. I look at my thigh and he talks about going jogging and exerciseing. We walk to the back door and I day something about his current girlfriend that was not very nice. We continue to talk and I just tell him how I feel about there relationship.