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I have a dream of a mosquito.

I have a dream of a mosquito. I took my shoe and tried to swat it. Every time I swatted the mosquito it grew larger. By the end it was giant.

I had a dream I was in

I had a dream I was in a beautiful dress walking on a mountain side. Jesus appeared and asked me to hand over the dress and shoes I was wearing and I began to cry tell him I was scared to get hurt again. Then my deceased dad and ex husband appeared and they were walking and laughing. Jesus told me to trust him, that things would be different this time.

Dream Christmas Eve 2019: Background: I plan

Dream Christmas Eve 2019: Background: I plan on buying a particular used model of a BMW next year. I have a friend named Todd who works on the ocean and visits once or twice a year, he is not here at this time. The Dream: I saw the model car that I want to buy, it was white and I do not want a white car but this had everything else I wanted. The owner let me take it for a ride by myself. Prior to giving me the keys he said “The salesman told me, 'Whatever you do, don't push the static electricity button.” I drove off and really enjoyed the ride. Apparently I did push the static electricity button (as I found out later in the dream). The car ran fine for me and I returned it to the owner and also, apparently, we swapped our shoes with each other for awhile. The next scene I was in a place I would describe as an auditorium. The owner of the car came up to me and we started to swap shoes (I remember that I found that disgusting as I would not want to actually wear someone elses shoes). As we were exchanging shoes he said, “Why did you do it?” I said, “Do what.” He replied, “Push the static electricity button.” I had no answer but told him I would pay to fix it. He said that he had already done that and it was still running poorly and that the car was talking to him. In this scene the previously faceless owner was now my friend Todd. I woke up.

I was cooking with a friend in

I was cooking with a friend in a competition. I was wearing all green. My friend had no shoes or socks on. He was later found in a ditch very sick. He had 5 dogs. We were by the fire & I kissed his hand.

I was laying in bed. I stood

I was laying in bed. I stood up to go get close from my closet and when I walked back to my bed I saw a small python on the ceiling. When I got scared I ran to the closet to get my shoes and saw an even bigger python in there. When I ran out the closet the small python was in the floor and I jumped over it and woke up from my dream.

It's not known where Manziel's meeting will

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I had a dream of a man

I had a dream of a man and glowing shoes running on the rooftops and then I met someone with glowing shoes that fit the man for my dream and your life he fit the description of the man of my dream

In my ream my foot nails are

In my ream my foot nails are long and dirty and then when i put my shoes on my nails get short and clean i saw snakes in a basket then one of them in light yellow color escape and try to get me but i run and avoided it