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I was trapped in an old tin

I was trapped in an old tin barn and I was with my ex boyfriend and we were trying to escape without getting caught. Well there were really big demons and smaller demons trying to capture us. My ex boyfriend just decided to run without telling me and leaving me there by myself, so I took off running and I jumped the fence and kept running and the smallest but fastest demon caught up to me and grabbed me by the ankles and started swinging me around. I told him to get it over with and just kill me, and he hung me up by my ankles and as he was going in to bite my jugular, I saw my ex boyfriend in a dark corner smiling, covered in blood and he whispered "enjoy."

i was at the taylor gang concert

i was at the taylor gang concert and lola monroe was performing. i was the only person in the crowd that new any of her songs so she called me on stage and had me sing some of them with her. after the show we took a bunch of pictures and hung out. when i was ready to leave she took me to this building in milwaukee where crack addicts live she knew a lady that lived there and we went inside the lady's appartment in side the apartment were a bunch of crack addicts geting high. the lady offard me some water from a milk jug and lola monroe told me to rinse the jug off nd drink the water. then my best friend called me and wanted me to meet up with her so i got ready to leave. before i left lola gave me her number and told me to call her when i was ready for her to pick me up. after i met up with my friend i called lola and she picked us up. we hung out with my best friend for a while then we dropped her off. i asked lol to take me home and she invited me to finsh the 2050 tour with her and the rest of taylor gang we went to the airport and got on a plane to st. louis

First I had a dream of me

First I had a dream of me my dad Kim and MaryLou went to store I think it was called BJ's and we were looking for what kind of alcohol to buy. There were these big water bottle jugs and there was this red cup filled with some red shaved ice that kim put a blue drink in it and mixed it around and then took it to the cash register. My dad said are you sharing that with Brittany and she said yes. Now I'm in a pool with Jennifer Anniston and some other ppl. The turn to Kim and I and say one must be marylou daughter and one must be Tim's daughter.Supposedly those water bottles are filled with alcohol. My dad said are you sharing that with Brittany and she said yes. Supposedly those water bottles are filled with alcohol. Now I'm driving home in my car and on the right side of the car there is this steam of smoke coming up straight up in the underneath the stream of smoke there lights a little bit of fire. what I thought I got my car fixed. I pulled the car over and some guys come over and try to fix it. supposedly the battery needs charging and that was the problem with that. Then i go to a store and bye this illegal alcohol for my lips. It just smelled good. It was $0.34 my car started to go up in smoke again and then i pull it over again. I soon find out by this guy that it wasn't in the right gear it didn't need to be in drive but in Jesus has the wheel. I was like I thought there was only park neutral reverse and drive. What kind of gear is Jesus has the wheel. In this gear I could only go the speed limit and couldn't go any faster. But my car worked after that.