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was outside around a truck with my

was outside around a truck with my brother, sister-in-law,cousin, and husband. I was off to the side by myself when a skunk walked up to me. I was terrified it was going to spray me but I so I stayed very still. My husband yelled for me to not move. After this moment he is no longer in my dream. The skunk stayed beside me a few minutes even blew in my face which I thought was spray so I closed my eyes and then realized it didn't smell. It then kept blowing in and out a few times like smelling my scent and then began to rub against me wanting affection. I let it do this for a few minutes then walked away into a house. The skunk followed me around and I couldn't get away from it. It kept wanting me to pet it but I was still scared. I tricked it and it was back outside and I was in the house when I heard someone yell. I walked back out and my cousin was on the back of the truck and the skunk then sprayed him. Then the topic changed to only me finding out my brother was cheating on my sister in law with a girl I know that has a reputation for sleeping with married men. This was very surprising for me since I would never expect it and I was conflicted of whether I should tell her because she is one of my friends and I didn't believe it. Then my cousin did or said something and my brother came to me and said now he's going to use this against me and say he saw me and Elizabeth in that driveway the other night. When he said that I knew he was cheating because it had nothing to do with what my cousin had done and he was trying to cover his tracks. That's all I remember.