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Everyone was lockd up in this huge

Everyone was lockd up in this huge building by some governmen t ppl and they were about to blow some nuclear bomb up on everyone.. and as soon as they got far enough away they opened the doors and gave everyone 5 seconds to get safe.. but there was no way to get far enough away from the explosion.. and you could see it coming.. and everyone was just dropping dead or burning alive or melting.. and i jumped to the ground and lived but was like severely burnt on my face. so i ran and was crying and i went around a corner and there was a massive like hundreds of thousands of ppl walking towards where all the ppl just died and some man and woman were there an di cried to tehm for help so they took me to their house and told me to get ready ause we were going to have dinner with shaggy and some other musician and that they were the king and queen of brazil and i got out and grandma was crying telling the cops to stop touching her and then they took her and grandpa wasnt there .. i asked if they were alright and a cop said they werent but grandma should be alright my face was like third degree burns and shit it was so weird. and i remember i kept looking at myself in mirrors