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I had a dream about i was

I had a dream about i was in the spirit on the lords day, and i heard behind me a loud voice, as of a trumpet,

In any event, I got out of

In any event, I got out of the building and I was in the huge area with a bunch of really large buildings that were all connected seemingly. The first one I was in looked like a large lobby of a hotel. The ceiling was really high and it looked like Greek or Roman architecture...most of the buildings did for that matter. There didn't seem to be many walls though and just a few people in the lobby. Then passing thru the lobby I came to a large park. Not really a park becuase it looked like it was inside the building. There were only walls on the three sides not the one I had come in from. There were rows and rows of seating where I came in and then the lake then a large area where there were 5 people putting on a concert with harps....yeah harps. To the left was another wall with other stuff...people sitting and some art on the wall that was like roman theater type old. Then I realized that I had a bottle of wine and a subway sandwich and you were there. You were wearing a yellow shirt and some kind of a skirt. Don't ask me why I know it was yellow because you're not supposed to see color in your dreams and I don't remember actually seeing color. No matter. So, we started to walk around the left side of the pool that's where I saw the roman theater art and you weren't there. I remember thinking you had gone to find us a place to sit and eat our sandwich. The the band changed to another group with trumpets and stuff. Then I remember this little kid kept following me and hanging on to me. I got a little frustrated, pulled him off of me and threw him into the lake. lolll.... I looked down into the lake afraid that he might drown and he popped up and I pulled him out and told him "quit clinging to me and I won't throw you into the lake". I remember looking into the lake and thinking the water was a nice light blue and deep with a rocky shelf part way down. Not sure why. So, then I started looking for you and couldn't find you. I started back the way I had come and eventually found you. You said that you were looking all over for me too. The weird part was that you had changed your shirt. You had on a black shirt and black and white skirt this time. And you had drank the whole bottle of wine but you still had the sandwich I think.

Found a homeless little girl and decided

Found a homeless little girl and decided to take her with me. I searched to find her a home but could not so I took her as mine. We watched the clear blue sky and the clouds and laughed. All of a sudden it got colder and a light rain began to fall. Suddenly a portion of the sky opened up red and trumpets were being blown. Everyone stopped and stared into the sky.

I dreamed that i saw Jesus entering

I dreamed that i saw Jesus entering the cave,i and the two apostles where waiting for Jesus,then when we were in the plateau,i saw three chairs,one infront two at the back...the sky opened and saw angels in their trumpet,Jesus were sitting infront while the two apostles were behind him. I was blown with the wind so i was holding tight on the chair of jesus.