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I went out back to smoke a

I went out back to smoke a ciggerett and my husbands father was their and he wasr realy weird mumbling stuff and his eyes were realy big and I think he was saying vulgar things to me and I told him your scaring me and I heard him calling my black pitbull dog hondo and I looked and he was off the chain so I hurried and called him to me so my other pitbull didnt get a hold of him he came to me I grabbed him by the coller and I looked over and seen another black pitbull dog going through the bushers only the back of him ive seen him befor in other dreams and I told my husbands dad hes comeing back but he realy wasntand when I looked up the black pitbull in the bushes jumped on top of me and when I opend my eyes the light hit him and it wasnt him anymore it was my other female pitbull dog and she had different eyes they were blue and blacked and she was showing her teeth growling drewling and was making eye contact and I woke up wright befor she bit me in the face

an ex girlfriend of mine cam in

an ex girlfriend of mine cam in in nothing but a big tshirt and either swimsuit bottoms or just underwear. It was not sexual at all however. The main point was that she had a massive camel toe, swollen and uneven and bulgy and everything. She said she had an infection. Then my dad walked in and said "woah Katy watch the cooter cleavage" and walked out. The weird thing is is my current girlfriend has also had a dream about my ex having a vaginal infection; she dreamed she had crabs. I don't think I dreamed it because she did and we talked about it though, because she dreamed hers a couple months ago. Just wondering what this could mean.