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One of my older sisters, both of

One of my older sisters, both of my younger siblings, and three dogs (only two were ours) went to a mall that wasn't ours. Inside the mall we went to a restaurant and this guy got in a fight with a waiter and started shooting, my family and I ran through the restaurant and out to the parking lot. My step sister and I went to college and the tour guide stated jacking off and we got freaked out so we ran to a mall and inside were a bunch of ghosts and I lost her so I ran to a car and tried to leave but James potter stopped me and said we had to go back and get lily or Sirius Black before we could leave.

I could see Jamal Griffin driving down

I could see Jamal Griffin driving down the road in little rock he was driving with his kids down the highway getting away from his wife Tequila Griffin, I could see he turned in Little Rock, to the right going under a underpass highway Lance highway, I went back to tell Tequila which way he went that I could see him, it's like I was there but I wasn't there, I could see when she caught up with him, they begin to argue about the kids, he pulled off unto the highway in this little car, a diesel ran slowly over them the first time I could see this, then it came back an ran over them really fast, then it ran over them again, I could see the truck as it ran over them each time but it never touched the kids it was just killing them, it really made me sick to see that, then we are at Wal-Mart Mart parking lot in Nashville an they pull up arguing with each other about the car an the rims on the car getting unnecessary stuff, I seen them in my dream 3 times over an.over trying to interpret one of the dreams inside this one rehearsing the dream over in the third one

My sister had a dream that a

My sister had a dream that a little girl in a nightgown gave her a piece of paper with phone numbers on it and then said Jamie has a heart problem she needs to see dr Nelson

We are at war with the Germans

We are at war with the Germans and living in a small community we decide to create a concentration camp with some of us being guards and others prisoners. All is going well until we begin to starve. We have cut ourselves off. The Germans find out about the camp but can find no official documentation about the camp and visit us to investigate. We try to act out our roles but the Germans know that there is something wrong but cannot work out what it is. We eat stale bread and congealed blood on the top to make it look like bread and jam. The Germans realise the guards aren't harsh enough to us and being to eliminate them and take over the running of the camp. I am a prisoner.

I am brought to a barn in

I am brought to a barn in the middle of no where in a large field. A woman with black hair tells me that I am in training for a mission and that my new boss was watching my performance. I somehow knew my boss, his name was James. Suddenly the woman tells me to run as fast as I can for as long as I can or else she will catch me and shoot me. So I start running across the field and up a huge hill. At the top, I feel my heart give out and I collapse. The women then reveals to James that she poisoned me. James rushes over to help me and gets me to a hospital.

Someone was knocking on my house door

Someone was knocking on my house door and so I got out of bed to see who it was through the key whole and it was my x boyfriend and he was crying so hard! I tried to open the door but it was slightly jammed because he was banging the door for me to let him in and eventually the door opened.