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We got to the original physical challange

We got to the original physical challange area both teams but it was no ordinary challange we were sent to a new areana a hologram appered and they started speaking telling us that this was the very last physical challange whoever was the last team standing wins and if u could save someone from dying then ull get extra points we all looked at each other ready to run we knew this might happen so we came with a game split up or go in duo me and u were a team there was woods behind us and everyone was ready to run the horn was rung and we ran for our lives we all went in diffrent directions me and u ran like a bat out of hell the 4 kids from group 8 split and ran after the 10 of us (*in group 8 emily,logan gains,jeff alexander, and krysta m*) krysta was after us but we were much faster than her our shoes our stylist gave us were as if we were glidding on ice me and u finnally got far away from her night was coming our stomachs growled from hunger so u set out for water and i hunted i told u to sing when u got to the water hole and when u were comin back so the mocking birds could sing back and ill know u were ok we split up u i saw a rabbit in sight and grabbed a bow and shot it in a mere second i put it in the pack i had dylan and alecs meds i keep walking around i felt like something was wrong i looked around coutiously but crept foward i heard a click and i flew in the air by one foot i looked to see what caught me someone set up a trap to get food i heard running toward i looked to see who was comming and it was dylan relief filled over that it wasnt someone from the other team and i could trust him he started laughing when he saw me he like dang i thought u were food i started laughing and i said just get me down u asshole he like fine with his machete cut the rope and i started falling but he caught me like i was light as a feather i stared at him and he stared at me we both didnt say anything for a while but then i cleared my throat and said can u put me down he said o yea sorry and put me down i said come one i already got a rabbit help me catch some more stephanie went to go get some water i told him and he said so did alec we laughed an awkward laugh and started hunting i sang the notes i told u to sing just to make sure u were ok it took a while but the notes were returned and i got another releif feeling me a dylan kept hunting he cought 2 rabbits and cought 3 gooseling i cought 3 more rabbits and gathered some berries we both met back up with each other and i heard the whistle again indicating u were coming back so me and i went back where we split off dylan told me that he and alec found a cave so when u got back we would go there and meet alec i agreed because we couldnt make a fire right here in the open we waited for u were a little shocked at the sight of dylan but i told u he found a cave where we could all eat and rest for the night we headed for the cave and by the time we got there alec was already there he smiled at the sight of us i slammed down the bad of 'goods' showing u guys what we got as dylan made a fire i skinned 2 of the rabbits and and rosted the over the inferno everyone stared at it for the goods at a physical challange hasnt always been food once they were finished cooking we all visiously attacked the meat we got we all ate in silence and all didnt know what to say for some of our friends had been killed or brainwashed and we were left just group 12 as the night went on it got colder and colder and we all had nothing for warmth except the fire and each other u and alec feel asleep and me and dylan stayed awake not talking just sitting thinking he finally broke the silence and said were gonna win i know we are resurring me inhis tone of voice i looked at him and said yes we probably will but our lives will never be the same again well never have the same friends same dreams same normal things al has been taking from us maybe even our right to love.. he looked at me and said they havent taken that one away yet and he kissed me i was shocked but didnt say anything after that i just stared blankly questioning things thinking i became tired as did he and we both didnt know what to say after that it was utterly freezing so he  held me So both of would be warm during the night we heard 2 cannons go off right after another we all shot up and ran into the woods so we could see the hologram to see who had parished jeff and krystas faces plastered on the screen all of happy it was none of us but we all wondered who killed them but dylan was sad even tho he was brainwashed jeff was one of his good friends we all just sat in the cave untill dawn broke and we set out for we knew something bad was going to happen a gamemaker hovercraft came charging at as we were hiking up a hill we all turned on our heads and ran the fired darts at us and posionous at that dylan was running and he made a sound of pain and he fell to the ground i turned around and me and u picked him up still trying to run as fast as we could I handed dylan to alec and drew and arrow and pointed it to the gamemaker i haulted and i gave him a death glare as we backed up i was defying the right now by doing this but we had to get away so i could help him we finally got away i gathered some herbs while u guys tried to keep him hydrated i came back and shoved some inhis mouth and chewed some and put it the wound his leg was swollen i squeezed where it hit him a blue goo came out of his leg he winced in pain and let out a yelp i said sorry and i told alec to go get me so long leaves i got some water and poured it over and alec came back i wrapped his leg with the leaves i asked if he could walk he said i can try he got up with our assistance and walked around limping while he was walking another cannon went off and a hologram appered and showed logans face we all kept moving slowed down for dylan and his leg all left was emily poor emily all little trying to survive but we all know she doesnt do well in games or the outdoors for that matter we kept trudgeing along and we found chelby and alexis on the way both of them had scatches and cuts on their face but they were both extatic to see our faces they saw dylan and immediatly asked what happened i told them and they offered to help but i said all they could do was wait till the swelling went down we kept going for we knew what was to come daniel had gotten more buff from being in the wild for the weeks bella was weak so was arissa but other than thatwe were all stong most of knew how to hunt or survive we all said our battle cry we made up " TOGETHER WE ARE ONE!!!" We ran off into the forest looking for her she wasnt good at hidding where she was she left marks everywhere we tracked her to the lake she was there her soul almost completely gone we snuck through the grass we were all waiting for something before we came up with a gameplan dylan stood up and called out her name she turned toward him we were all objecting for him to come back but he ignored and limped toward her she looked him her soul still there while talked to her he told her she was the only one left i couldnt hold back any longer i came around the corner of the rock we were hidong behind i came around and said her name and looked straight in her eyes i said "i know what they did to you tryed taking every drop of ur sould but i can tell your still there the emily i know the emily we know" she looked at me her eyes flashed back to green for a second but i knew we had to kill her someone had to do it and we couldnt stop it i left my bow and arrows beside u guys so i wouldnt be seen as a threat to her i got closer to dylan and he kissed my head as a good job sign but right when he did that her eyes turned black as a demon she growled and pulled up her spear and jumped on her dylan fell to the ground for his leg gave out i tryed getting her off she cut me on the neck with a dagger she had she was about to peirce me with the spear but a arrow went through her hear and with a croack she went limp and fell to the ground i looked up u had the bow in your hands breathing hard and determination in your eyes and i knew u were thinking she was my first kill a cannon went off and trumpets started playing and a hologram came up and said congradulation group 12 u have one the compition u will now leave the areana a hovercraft came and picked us all up doctors rushed to everyone of us working on my deep lash emily had gave me with the dagger and going to work on dylan from the scar from the spear in his side and his swollen leg they split us all up they told me to drink something and i passed out (i knew the dream wasnt over) i woke up in a diffrent room everything gone i got up and left the room in the simple white dress i was in i looked around trying to find everyone we were in a big building i went down stairs a big dining roomwas at the end workers bowed when i walked in the room my stylist were in there and ran to me they said honey ur awake and smiled they said today everyone from the city is going to celebrate ur winning before they guided me away i ate breakfast and let them begin on me the plucked every hair every flaw on me was gone my head stylist Jimmy came in and smiled he put me in a white lace dress that was beyond ur wildest dream abosultly gorgous he curled my hair and finished me off by adding red lipstick iwent of the room and was whisked away by workers they dragged me to the stage i was the last one they pushed me one stage and and everyone cheered idk why but it seemed as i was their favorite a gamemaker grabbed my hand and raised it triumpitly then i understood i was the one who defied them the only one with the bows the only who dared to kill a head man who dared to save anyone who didnt want to kill anyone but had to save my loved ones everyone clapped for me screaming my name i saw dylan he was in a white suit and had a red tie like my lips even his shoes were white he looking different like everything was forgotten and he saw things in a new way , my way his eyes looked at me knowing what i knew but he kept smiling deciving the crowed u lexi and chelby looked amazing u all three had extentions in ur hair lexis had a braid with flower in it that made her look 10 time younger and her dress didnt help she had a bright yellow dress as if she was mother nature herself you had a light pink dress that hilighted every feature of yours ur make up was soft but brillent at the same time ur hair was just in waves as it naturally does and chelby had wonderfull bouncy curls that made her look older but in a good way and filled with knowlage alec looked the youngest off all like a little 6 year old he had a baby blue suit on and his was not messed with at all daniel looked built like an ox they had him in all black and blue shoes he didnt look like himself but i knew it was him the list goes on and on all of us stunning a s we were in these 'games' the head man who had lifted my hand and asked how did we stay safe and all at once we did the whistle we all soon came to teach each other and smiled my hand intwined with dylans we match perfectly as if they planned it witch they probably did then they looked at me i knew they didnt like me for defying them but i did it to save them to save all of u he looked at me and said so u did find love? and gave me a questioning stare i looked at dylan in the eyes and he smile laugh knowing my thoughts and my dream ended with us staring