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its all dark again. im sitting at

its all dark again. im sitting at a long dinner table with others i dont recognize, they tell me to be quiet as a man looms over me. we're enacting a play and i didn't memorize any of my lines. the others cower, snapping at me when i say the wrong thing. i must be drunk, as i begin signing, loudly and out of key. the man is testing me, wanting me.. they warn me.. i falter, carelessly. soon, we make a move to leave, packing up our vw bus, fuming, silently.

Female and Male are at some Island

Female and Male are at some Island place trying to discover their roots, some sort of mystery about their history. Adam and friends brother bike ride together. Adam feels a part of things. Then Female and Male each find a red flower. Looks like a red tulip. The flowers are almost identical to each other, they compare them to a painting they have of what the flower they were looking for is supposed to look like and its clear that its a match. The drawing is in black and white but the tulips are red. Adam is lurking nearby as he has just come up the mountain, female and male call out his name as realize he is lurking behind them. They know Adam feels left out. They know he is dangerous because his ex-girlfriend has told them over a phone call that Adam has a gun and wants to kill. Male asks, does he wants to kill us both. His ex-girlfriend says no, just the female. At this point I know the male is Jon and I'm the female who Adam wants to kill. There is a point where we are running from him in an empty auditorium. The mountain that we're on with flowers is suddenly a building that is trying to lock us down and everyone inside is trying to get us. Jon kicks open the door which is like a heavy school door and we run outside. there is a cop in the dark courtyard. The cop was our friend of ours but is now dressed as a cop and trying to shoot at us. His gun is jammed. We are running to the barbed wire fence, we find a place where there isn't barbed wire on the top of the fence and I'm on Jon's back like he's King Kong and he crawls up the fence and as he's taking us to safety I know the cops gun could unjam at any moment and he could kill us. We make it to the other side without cop successfully shooting us. We start running. We come across a Norwegian girl in a paddle-car, like a paddle boat type car where its propelled by her feet. We ask her if she knows a taxi's number. She says yes but that she likes her car. We tell her its for us, not for her. She shouts out a taxi number which I memorize. We're still running, we pass 3 guys in the street, one with a bowl of chanukah gelt for people to take as they pass. As we're running by I'm wondering if he has milk chocolate gelt in the bowl. I look in the bowl and see the mesh bags with silver coins, so i know they're dark chocolate, they I see the orange mesh bags which mean there is milk chocolate. I take a bag and ask if he knows a taxi number, he shouts one out but i dont think I'm able to memorize all the numbers cuz hes shouting them as we're running away. A street cleaner truck is barreling down the block right where we're running on the edge of street, he could kill us with the street cleaner truck running us down but he makes a u-turn because hes not able to complete his street clean with us in the way. I wake up around here. Felt like Jon was the hero in this movie of a dream and he saved us and carried me to safety, running away from the killer, anxious. A nightmare-hero dream.