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Well last nights dream time was a

Well last nights dream time was a real eye catcher for me! I dream I was in Viet Nam I was with a tour group we were climbing up a mountain with trees and the steps were carved out of the stones that made up the mountain. I was not able to keep up with the group. I got a notion to rest an was looking for a shady spot when I noticed a cave which had a water creek beside it so I went to the creek and cooled myself off. I sat there contemplating to go in the cave or not I went in! LOL that is so like me. I go in and there are these huge eyes looking at me and I am NOT afraid at all they looked very familiar. The eyes communicated with me and to me so I started to go inside the cave furthur when a dragon about the size of a Komodo Dragon comes up to me an smiles. The dragon was using its tail much the same way a cat does when its communicating to you...so I followed the dragon into the cave more. Then we come to a huge room that was quite beautiful an round an huge! The dragon looked at me an smiled an breathed in and flew way way up to the tops of the cave! Then a lady appears...she did not say words but asked me what my name was so I told her I said My name is Teresa and she said here I have been waiting for you so long. She walked to me an put a ruby in my third eye then she called the dragon to me who had turned into gold he spit out a silver coin in my right hand and a gold one in the left! This was a great dream! Today I met a lady from VIET NAM an she told me she ready faces! I let her read me an she said I was blessed according to my facial features an said for me to stop cursing my face! Then she said that she would bring me a pink budda when she comes back from vistiting her family there! WOW LikeShow more reactionsCommentShare

I wake up inside this very old

I wake up inside this very old marble building with pillars everywhere. I realize there is somebody trying to kill me. I think i let her think shes killing me before killing her. I see a sort of demon lord come down from on high a mountain. Earth trembles and i run for my life. I arrive at the Gold family, who have been allotted a rather comforting but ignorant position in the game. I try to explain the dangers and they take interest. Mystery compounds on mystery. My job seems not to believe me (should they?) And im subject to firing. I walk around in a monastery and some guy is pretending to be a statue at the end of the hallway. When you walk by, he springs to life. I touch his third eye as he springs up to startle me. He laughs. Someone calls me with some info and he tries to get in on it. I dont trust him fully, so i try to obscure some of the information.


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