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What is the meaning of Yoke In a dream

What does it means Yoke In a dream ? - Dream meaning


To dream of seeing a yoke, denotes that you will unwillingly conform to the customs and wishes of others. To yoke oxen in your dreams, signifies that your judgment and counsels will be accepted submissively by those dependent upon you. To fail to yoke them, you will be anxious over some prodigal friend.

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Oxen in yokes brightly lit wagon blonde

Oxen in yokes brightly lit wagon blonde woman in traditional dress

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My relatives came over to help me move when suddenly a huge bright light appeared in the sky. The light broke up into a lot of stars that shot across the sky and formed a large antique golden key. Then the key broke up into the stars again and started to fall towards. Everyone got scared and we headed towards the van they came in to flee, but I remembered that my son, who was a baby at the time was playing on the street so I turned back. Everyone left without us. When I got to my son all the stars had fallen around him and had changed into golden eggs like what sunny-side eggs look like. The yokes were dark gold and the whites were pure gold as if without impurities. That was all of the dream.

Swallowing an egg yoke

Swallowing an egg yoke

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