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I have been extremely tired today for no reason. I took about an hour and a half to two hour nap just now, and when I woke up this is how I felt: I can't remember the dream exactly, but I remember it felt warm and welcoming. Kind of like I was going "home" for the first time in a long time. Like my dream state was reality, and I felt relieved and relaxed. Since I've been awake I feel kind of sad, and I have no explanation as to why. Someone explain this to me please haha

What is the meaning of I have been extremely tired to In a dream

What does it means I have been extremely tired to In a dream ? - Dream meaning


To dream that you are awake, denotes that you will experience strange happenings which will throw you into gloom. To pass through green, growing fields, and look upon landscape, in your dreams, and feel that it is an awaking experience, signifies that there is some good and brightness in store for you, but there will be disappointments intermingled between the present and that time.

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Relaxation. Easy. Unaware of imminent danger or trouble.

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Irreversible. Continuity. Arrival or departure of feelings. Organizing your inner self.

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