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I am concerned about a dream a had about 2hrs ago. I'm not sure what to make of it but it had to do with me being kidnapped with another person I couldn't identify their gender or facial features but I knew they were younger than me and our kidnappers weren't bad people, I'm not sure why they bothered to kidnap us but once I feel asleep in the dream, I couldn't open my eyes, I think it was because it was too bright or I felt probably similar to a vampire looking into the sunlight for the first time.

What is the meaning of I am concerned about a dream a In a dream

What does it means I am concerned about a dream a In a dream ? - Dream meaning


Change in your environment. Loss of independence and freedom. Fear to assume responsibilities.

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Entrance and exit. Exposed. Opportunity. Potential. Ready to make a choice.

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To see the same person again and again in your dream is a sign that someone from the world after is trying to get in contact with you and trying to tell you something. You must try to understand and follow his directions.

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Irreversible. Continuity. Arrival or departure of feelings. Organizing your inner self.

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Seeing vampires in your dreams indicates you wish to get pregnant or ready to be a mother or father. It is the fear of the unknown. Vampires also in Nordish tradition show great expectations from the dreamer.

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