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What is the meaning of Our goal is to provender you w In a dream

What does it means Our goal is to provender you w In a dream ? - Dream meaning


Records. Organization. Mystery will be solved. Put things in order. To dream that you see a file, signifies that you will transact some business which will prove unsatisfactory in the extreme. To see files, to store away bills and other important papers, foretells animated discussions over subjects which bear relation to significant affairs, and which will cause you much unrest and disquiet. Unfavorable predictions for the future are also implied in this dream.

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To dream of receiving a message, denotes that changes will take place in your affairs. To dream of sending a message, denotes that you will be placed in unpleasant situations.

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Year Change. Time. Ready for a new start.

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Long time. Mature. Sensible. Former times. Something could be completed or ready to be replace.

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