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I was in athens greece on a bus and had to change buses at omonina square and got on the other bus heading to my destination when I was awakened

What is the meaning of I was in athens greece on a In a dream

What does it means I was in athens greece on a In a dream ? - Dream meaning


Athens Greece is a beautiful place, and Athena the Godless of War and Wisdom. Dreaming that you are in Greece Athens signify you are seeking for answers for problems during your life and the way to solve them and fight them. From one point of view Greece is a peaceful place with beautiful islands and beaches so dreaming of Greece shows the tranquility this place brings but dreaming specifically on Athens shows you need to solve some issues your mind is bringing up.

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To dream of buses is a phallic object. The bus is long and strong and usually emphasis the manhood parts. Dreaming of driving a bus signify how you handle the male energy, both for women and men. Can not go off a bus means your sexual drive is controlling you and you find it difficult to stop. Yellow bus, shame. Red bus in a dream signify pregnancy.

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