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Finding money on the floor

What is the meaning of Finding money on the floor In a dream

What does it means Finding money on the floor In a dream ? - Dream meaning


Discovery. Realization.I nfidelity.

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Foundation. Need to create some stability.

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Commodity. Profit or loss. Security. What do you value in yourself? To dream of finding money, denotes small worries, but much happiness. Changes will follow. To pay out money, denotes misfortune. To receive gold, great prosperity and unalloyed pleasures. To lose money, you will experience unhappy hours in the home and affairs will appear gloomy. To count your money and find a deficit, you will be worried in making payments. To dream that you steal money, denotes that you are in danger and should guard your actions. To save money, augurs wealth and comfort. To dream that you swallow money, portends that you are likely to become mercenary. To look upon a quantity of money, denotes that prosperity and happiness are within your reach. To dream you find a roll of currency, and a young woman claims it, foretells you will lose in some enterprise by the interference of some female friend. The dreamer will find that he is spending his money unwisely and is living beyond his means. It is a dream of caution. Beware lest the innocent fancies of your brain make a place for your money before payday.

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