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Being Spiderman

What is the meaning of Being Spiderman In a dream

What does it means Being Spiderman In a dream ? - Dream meaning


Dreaming of being spiderman in a dream or any super hero in a dream shows the lack of strength in the dreamer. It is usually indicates and symbolize that you feel over-powered and there are so many things that you need to deal with and hard things that you are not sure you are able to cope with and you must be a super hero or spider man in order to be able to manage with everything in your life.

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It all started when I was in

It all started when I was in this weird house. Venom from Spiderman 3 was chasing me and other people I didn't know at all. That's when my dream changed. My dad doesn't have a car in real life but in the dream he was riding me to Orlando,Florida. He took me to a playground and I saw my classmate, John and he said hi to me. That's when I went on the playground and went on the swing. The it was the Venom dream again. Me and the people were trying to figure out a way to not get killed by Venom easily because he could teleport out of nowhere. That's when I said this is a dream and I woke up.

I became spiderman

I became spiderman

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