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Repairing mangalsutra

What is the meaning of Repairing mangalsutra In a dream

What does it means Repairing mangalsutra In a dream ? - Dream meaning


Damage or injury. Making amends. Ready to fix a situation.

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Repairing mangalsutra

Repairing mangalsutra

Dreaming that I am a computer code

Dreaming that I am a computer code repairing myself as if I were solving a puzzle

I was in an airport and a

I was in an airport and a lady working there ask if there was anyone that needed help with getting their ticket,i went to her and she took a staple and cut my hand in the center of my palm and put the blood in a machine which gave me my ticket but my hand started repairing itself in a matter of second

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In my dream the nuns where yelling

In my dream the nuns where yelling at me for not whipping them hard enough and then Sister Mary told me her vibrator had died and sent me out to Rite Aid for more batteries but when I got to the counter to pay for the batteries all I had was Monopoly money and the check out girl just laughed at me. Than I woke up.

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Crying yellow tears I had a dream where i was recruited to be a drug dealer, and then on the same day i met lil Uzi vert and we took pictures eventually everyone left the room we were in and he started getting emotional and he started crying yellow tears since he started crying i also got emotional and started crying yellow tears