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Harry Styles telling me and another girl

Harry Styles telling me and another girl that we are going to make something for brothers and why needed a game and i had to choose something that reminded me about my brother and i chose lavaboy and watergirl so i have to look for it online and he seemed tired so he wasnt the energetic nice person but he wasnt mean either. its hard to explain how he was acting.

I enter a bar and insult an

I enter a bar and insult an old ethics professor. Pass by him and end up walking into another bar where the b bartender is with 3 attractive girls. My insult previously has them doing a shot with the bartender who pours one for me down a while which ends at another bar counter. He follows me down there and offers me the drink. Then we talk about a date he went on while dancing and almost kiss, when the girl he learned to dance for walks in.

I dreamed of being in the forest

I dreamed of being in the forest I was with someone on the search of another person when we met this tribe of women dressed similar to Amazonian tribe. I was holding a golden spear thicker that usually. As they saw us they told something like be quiet Amon is with us. Then I saw this person way taller than a normal person wearing a cloak and his eyes were bright full grey blue and he came toward me giving me something... then I woke up