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family visiting old friends at there house

family visiting old friends at there house staying for a while walk out of grochery store looking for my car many alike go to my volkswagen before being able to identify if its mine guy friend pulls me into car with other guys for a road trip leave car to make sure its mine drive away but i cant drive tell my parents an old friend of mine has anxiety issues so she goes to anxiety class i fell bad because i lied but i have anxiety so in a room with aquarium walls in a circle including the old friend her cousin and others during an anxiety class

I had a really weird dream last

I had a really weird dream last night that JD basically set me up on this date with someone he knew who hated the color red, but loved the color green (to the point that on our date he asked them to put of temporary flooring that was green because the floor they had was red) and I ended up like… actually having a thing with this guy to the point that later I told Ariel and JD something like “yeah I’m pretty sure he’s going to propose when we go to the aquarium in Chicago”