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I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was standing In my mom and dad’s kitchen and I had a dog leash in my hand and for some reason I was waving it around in a figure 8 As fast as I could in front of my mother to keep her away from my father he was behind me and we were all moving around the bar in the center of the kitchen it was all kind of comical anyway and that is all that I remember

First, me and my friend blaming someone

First, me and my friend blaming someone for Harrasring us and we are finding him because we were accused for being bad, but he was bad. After some time we found him at roadside. And the someone came automatically to arrest him. And me and my friend going back home. When we reached some area, suddenly I am running away from dogs and then asked for help from a stranger. He helped me but then in return he asked me for kiss and I kissed that stranger in the corner of building and starts to intimate but then my father called me to come back home so I stopped in between and going back home. But while going back I kissed him again and asked his birth date and his living so he answered his birth date but not answered where he lives. I remember his face too but he is totally stranger to me

I was at a kickback with a

I was at a kickback with a group of people I never seen before One female with red hair and red mutated eyes with a very unique design, not anything scary looking actually very beautiful and only the eye color was red and a seductive demeanor (DEMON?) She was brownskin She gave me the go as we were flirting to have sex with her We head to the bathroom as everybody is in the cut watching us and the place is dark. she pulls out a vape and smokes it in a addicting manner as she hasn’t had one in a while and rejoices in having one I think we had sex then I got a uber to go to a party I think and when I was EXACTLY 7 minutes away from it I turned around to go back as someone texted me they had sex with her and it was my turn to have sex with her next even though I think I already had sex with her and then I woke up I think Ps at one moment in the dream I was in a old room I remember from my childhood as in the corner their was New Orlean decorations covered in green and purple and yellow with beads and etc.

Matt and I were outside like at

Matt and I were outside like at a home but the back had a huge field where there were so many animals. We heard coyotes howling and then I saw one and pointed to it to matt. We watched it for a little and and then saw a little fox. It went to the fox and started attacking it so Matt ran over to help it while I stood back when he went to go help it the coyote started attacking him and then another one came out of no where and started attacking him. Then more just kept coming and it was like I couldn't do anything to stop it like all I could do is watch. It was so realistic and by the time I was able to react to it all there was, was blood and guts. And I walked in and started crying and you were all like wheres Matt and then I said he's dead. There was all of our family out here that was in the house. I explained what happened and we all started crying. Then we had a funeral for him here but in the place he died. Like we all went out there and walked over where he died dressed all sweet and I remember everyone being so sad. Then at the end I walked away from everyone back to the house because I couldn't stop crying then I woke up