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Dream starts out at home, I can't

Dream starts out at home, I can't remember what the plans were for the day. I do know that the weather said it was going to be windy and rainy. Well, me Angel (son) and Mika (Daughter) decide to go into town to get some stuff from the store, and on our way home we decide to go visit Corin (sister) and Bella (neice). As soon as we get there it starts getting really windy, and me and Corin go sit on the balcony to watch the incomming storm. The kids start to freak out in the apartment about the storm so we go inside. Pretty soon the wind starts to get so bad that it is shaking the whole complex, so we turn on the news to see whats going on, and they say that a tornado is comming through. Corin and I think it would be a good idea to get out to my property as fast as possible and have everyone hide in the cellar that's under my porch. Well we get halfway there and the roads change like we are in Seattle (all twisted up and cofusing) so I can't remember how to get home. We stop to ask where we are at this gas station and they told us how to get home so we get back in my truck but Corin is driving this time. Corin is on the phone, asking someone if they are okay and, somehow we hit a big enough bump that is bounces Angel and Mika out of the window and I see them land on the side of the road through my wing mirror and I start screaming at Corin to pull over but she can't hear me because of the wind and the fact that she is on the phone. All of a sudden we are back in Bonners (home town) going down the south hill and I feel like taking the wheel and turning around myself but I dont want to hurt her and Bella. So my next thought is to open the door and jump out myself, This whole time I am hyperventilating and bawling that I can't get to my kids. Then I wake up crying, and go check on my kids and they are fine.

I was at school. Then, there was

I was at school. Then, there was a tornado so all the students had to go outside and get into these little cellars. However, there weren't enough for all the students so me and another student had to go sit in this building made of glass. The building had a chair in each corner which we hid behind. The other student peeped out the window and saw that the tornado was over and British soldiers were marching over a hill towards us. One of the British soldiers saw us and then came into the glass building and shot us. When they shot us, we turned into cans and they threw us into a tote full of other cans.

i had a dream of 2 twin

i had a dream of 2 twin brothers one who was trying to protect me the other who was mentally insane and wanted to kill me he locked up in my grandmothers cellar but nobody knew he even existed there. The unstable one was able to mentally connect with me and i had a drag to go to the cellar. every time someone knocked on the door and i went to check who it was through the door hole, all i saw was this one eye staring back at me. I went to the cellar and it is if he was trying to tell me some code or a bunch of numbers i missed half but 69 and 72 kept recurring.