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i was driving drunk and drifting the

i was driving drunk and drifting the road and my head lights wouldn't work. My friend mac was in the passenger sear and pointed out that they weren't working. I ended up at my friend kirstens house with a weird group of people. WE Were all hanging out and I was trying to hook uo with a girl. I left we thought the cops came. I followed my friend bailey down mainstreet he pulled off behind one of the buildings. No one was around and all lights were off. I parked and a truck with a trailer that had a cage around it was full of scary criminals and clowns. It stopped on the other side of the road across from me. I sat there until one of the guys in black baggy pants and shirt got out and came toward me. I then left and drove to a near by gas station in thinnest town over, I parked there until a group of basketball players came to get there cars because they were car polling.

The circus was in town, and although

The circus was in town, and although her parents couldn’t take her, they gave her older brother, Max, money for admission and snacks, and she and Max went. They found their seats, four rows up, and Max pointed at the clowns and the elephants. She loved the animals, the colorful costumes, the loud music, and the laughs and cheers of the crowd. Max excused himself to go to the concessions stand, but he didn’t return. The show ended, and he was nowhere to be found. After calling for him and searching for what seemed like an eternity, she started to cry in despair. She felt the kind hand of a teenage girl on her shoulder, and the teenager directed her to a group of teen girls who were chatting and giggling with Max.

It was a nightmare. It was a

It was a nightmare. It was a special day for me but I can’t remember if it was my birthday or not, I just know I was being honored that day and people were coming over. I heard the doorbell ring and I went to open it and it was a devilish looking clown. My vision went in circles and the clowns head got bigger then smaller and started turning sideways. When he smiled he had very sharp teeth. I tried closing the door but the clown was pushing for it to open. It was a struggle between the two of us to keep each other out. I woke up when we kept pushing each other out.