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I was in a dark forest at

I was in a dark forest at night, and there was a big lake. In the lake was a dragon. No one else knew about it but it trusted me and came out of the water to see me and I fed it. A man in a car showed up and demanded to see the dragon but I insisted that it didn't exist, and the dragon hid. Finally the man left and I watched him drive away, and the dragon came out to see me. I climbed on its back and we raced through the forest. By the time we found a clearing it was light out. There were people and little buildings and a house that had mechanical doors, twisting gears connected to wood. I went inside to find a man, an old inventor that I somehow knew. The dragon knew him too but he stayed outside, the hallways being too small for a dragon to fit through. The inventor emerged with my aunt, who I was surprised to see, but he reassured me that he only created her to look like my aunt because he fell in love with her. I wanted him to help me keep the dragon safe out in the woods because people were starting to catch on that he lived near the lake. He agreed, and it felt like the start of an adventure.

family visiting old friends at there house

family visiting old friends at there house staying for a while walk out of grochery store looking for my car many alike go to my volkswagen before being able to identify if its mine guy friend pulls me into car with other guys for a road trip leave car to make sure its mine drive away but i cant drive tell my parents an old friend of mine has anxiety issues so she goes to anxiety class i fell bad because i lied but i have anxiety so in a room with aquarium walls in a circle including the old friend her cousin and others during an anxiety class

My friend passed away a month ago

My friend passed away a month ago and i had a dream that she came to pick me up and i was having a hard time getting my purse together so i hurried and went to get in the car she was in with out my purse prepared everything kept fallen out of my purse as i was running to the car. when i got to the car it started to drive away, With my friend who is already dead was in the back seat reaching out for me. As i tried to get to the car my legs kept giving out. The car kept driving until it was out of sight. Then i woke up

My family and my boyfriend and I

My family and my boyfriend and I were walking in this, almost like, a forest. Then my boyfriend climbed in this unsteady swing and fell off a tree. Then we all came home and I tucked him in bed. Then after that, I dreamed that my family and I were taking a walk to church and my mom was talking really loud about my boyfriend, and then I notice my boyfriend's ex walking by me. Then his ex goes to see him, and I get really mad and storm away out of church. But then my boyfriend runs after me calling my name and asks if we could talk. So then we go to his truck and we end up driving across this abandoned desert field and I notice a group of cops pointing guns at a cop in the middle. They end up shooting the cop, and I tell my boyfriend to drive away. I hear one of the cops saying, "No one can know about this." I turn to look at my boyfriend who is driving away, when I notice a cop on a motorcycle chasing us. The cop ends up shooting my boyfriend and killing him. I somehow manage to get away and my subconscious won't grasp that he's really dead, so in my dream I call his phone, but of course, he doesn't answer. Then I'm somehow back at church with my family, and I notice my boyfriend a couple seats away. I go up to him and ask him if he wants to sit with us, and he agrees. He sits by my mom because he doesn't want the aisle seat. Then my mom is talking really loud again to my dad about my boyfriend, and my boyfriend overhears and asks what they are saying. My mom goes on to say, "We don't think you are saved." To which my boyfriend replies, "You're right. I'm not saved."