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I dreamed I was in a auditorium

I dreamed I was in a auditorium surrounded by my peers. We were being taught how to play a few songs by a man i don't recognize. My teacher tells me to come with him. As I walk towards him a key from my saxophone falls off, and I pick it up. Soon were outside of a place that looks familiar. It look like a college campus. I look up and I see the man I've loved for three years. I walk past him away from him. I felt butterflies in my belly but I also felt sad. My current teacher walked up to the love of my life, and former student and said hi to him. They both started talking, they both seemed happy to see each other.

The guy I'm in love with was

The guy I'm in love with was really sweet to me and another girl liked him but he payed her no attention, he kept ignoring her and focusing on me , he laughed hard when I laughed, he guided me when we walked with his arms holding my waist and than he gently pushed my front side up against the wall and we we just stood there for a minute and I had the strongest butterflies I've ever felt because this is the first time I'd felt intimate contact with a person I actually liked, despite it being a dream