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I was cleaning the lounge in my

I was cleaning the lounge in my in laws home. My brother in law's kids were making a fuss and I scolded them to keep quiet. Then I got a cut on my foot from the broken piece of glass on the floor

My ex is trying to kill me

My ex is trying to kill me & current bf with a rifle seeing us walking home from work. he starts chasing us while trying to kill us. He shoots bf first. I yell out to get down, ex missed shot to bf head by an inch as result. Ex shoots & hits me while I call for help. laying on ground, police car speeding towards me and bf jumps out, start to run toward me. That’s when I woke up. Bf in dream is only friend in life but been wondering how to tell when to advance too relationship stage, and also nervous to do so after multiple very abusive relationships(couple were life threatening)

I dreamt of my dad's step cousin

I dreamt of my dad's step cousin passed away and after few days of death final ritual is happening at my home where is lived for his education 15years ago and when his body is unpacked he cry's saying I don't have peace and I'm hungry. I saw my widow grandmother with flower and my dead grandfather alive applying oil in his room during the final ritual and one of my relatives who came inappropriately dress for the final ritual

I had a very unusual dream. This

I had a very unusual dream. This couples old house had become a place where kids thought it was funny to go and see if the tales they had heard were true. They would go and have sex at this house and a mans ghost would appear very angry and kill the guys. In my dream I was there but not in it I was just watching my dream it seemed. When the ghost appeared his face looked sad at first then when he realized what the kids were doing his face became very angry and he would start flying around really fast and messing stuff up and then he would kill the boys but never the girls. In my dream it was almost as if he could see me and wanted me to make them stop having sex in his home. I have never had a dream like this so I am just curious what it could possibly mean. I was not scared in my dream but sad and anxious like I needed to do something to help the ghost.

In my dream in my house there

In my dream in my house there are 2 big snakes in wall and I don't whos that my one girl we get out of home and at that time I'm pregnant, I'm not married roads are full of snakes all are calling that snake as rathinam road sides are coverd with fields and plants trees one lady ask me do u want papaya and I pulk one but I didn't eat it,not only I remember that papaya makes abort the baby,then me and my frd some girl we went to hospital there a nurse sister I show my document she asked oh ur pregnant I tell that I already came here before some years, and she also realised me and they make me to sit on chair and my boyfriend came there he's my husband and they moved me for bed and pain starts my boyfriend (husband)catched my hands that's all

I had a dream where in my

I had a dream where in my ex came to my home and we are talking normally.. He also smiled at me

A famous political leader (Lindsay Graham) was

A famous political leader (Lindsay Graham) was murdered in the basement of my childhood home. The home was bigger and cleaner and much nicer. He was sirrounded by a clear plastic box and the gun was in a smaller box next to him. It was set up to look like a suicide. I called 911 and waited for the police by the front door. The plastic box was empty (like an empty coffin). A man jumped in to show that no one was there. No one believed me. They thought I was hallucinating or a liar.

In my dream I was working and

In my dream I was working and an old friend from my childhood came and asked me to go to London with him. I told him I couldn’t because of college and all the work needed to be done back home and he continuously asked me to go with him until I agreed. We were on the plane and started to form a romantic connection with one another. It’s especially weird because I looked him up today and he’s in a different country for school which I didn’t know until after the dream. I also hadn’t had contact with this person since I was a child because he moved away

I m stuck in a lift. It

I m stuck in a lift. It never opens on my floor and theres no button for my floor. It keeps going up and down fast and is narrow. I never get home.