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In my dream my brother and I

In my dream my brother and I were on our way to a professional wrestling match when we were pulled over by the cops. The police asked for our IDs and asked where we were going tonight and when we said professional wrestling match this is what he told us: ""Professional Wrestling" is considered one of the most successful efforts of the Extreme Perversity Normalization Initiative's "Closet Project". Professional Wrestling was designed by Illuminati meme artists and psychologists to accomplish three primary aims: 1) To serve as a simple means of screening the public for propensity to extreme gullibility - a trait highly desired by the Illuminati and one cultivated through eugenics programs. 2) To encourage public acceptance of suspension of disbelief and critical thinking as vast numbers of people invested emotional attachment in contests they knew rationally were predetermined and staged. 3) To promote a culture of hypermasculine homoeroticism of a type designed to appeal primarily to aggressive young males in denial about their own homosexual impulses. All EPNI "wrestling" features an emphasis on exaggerated masculinity, fetishistic focus on the male physique, extensive use of sweat/body oils, and promotions of polyamorous homosexual BDSM rituals involving "tag teams" and "submission"

I dreamt I went on a trip

I dreamt I went on a trip with my dad, my father didn't spend any time with me on the trip because he was gay homosexual/drug user secretly.

I had the weirdest dream that turned

I had the weirdest dream that turned out to be true! In my dream all these Q-anoners and Proud Boys were flashing the "Okay Symbol" and singing songs about Semenancy and other sick sex magick practices. It was very confusing because all the media have told us this "Okay Symbol" stands for "white power" but even though it was obvious most of these Q-folk & PBs were racists everything they were doing looked SO GAY (not that there's anything wrong with that....) Then in my dream a narrator's voice spoke up and drowned out the bizarre song by explaining: "In most traditional cultures the 'okay symbol' references sodomy or homosexuality and has meant this for thousands of years." That seemed really hard to believe because the only thing the media ever says is that it means "white power" but when I checked Wikipedia it turned out to be true! The "okay symbol" actually means "anal sex" and the neo-nazis & PBs have all been trolled by "Q" (which obviously stands for "Queer") It was like a prophetic dream. I've never head real world knowledge imparted to me through the dream world like that before but it's true - look it up!

I am straight. In the dream I

I am straight. In the dream I was having a homosexual kissing experience with another man who I don't like. He is my ex wife's partner. At the same time there were people playing billiards beside us. One guy I work with was playing while sitting on a chair. Weirdest dream I ever had in my life

A partire dai curatori della collezione, a

A partire dai curatori della collezione, a cui si rivolge Berlu? a che servono se ormai questo ?il quadro post elettorale con gufacci e civette che sperano in gran casinocausato prima di tutto dal porcellum per salire sui trespolipi?alti del paese ,quali. a avoué à son entourage que sa fille avait du mal à sadapter à la vie plus modeste quelles avaient désormais. lacteur d'"Avengers", Ma per Bersani non c'?nessuna polemica con il giovane Renzi. Zachary Quinto se révolte contre des politiques radicales et notamment chrétienne qui blment lhomosexualité: "Ça me rend fou de savoir qu'il y a tant de partis et d'associations chrétiens qui adoptent des positions anti-homosexualité avec une telle hargne et qui vont à l'encontre des principes du christianisme". attaccato alle sue abitudini domestiche (i pi?intransigenti camerati gli rimproveravano la pennica pomeridiana e il braccino corto, LiLo à cause de ses nombreuses cures de désintoxications et de ses problèmes judiciaires et Liz pour sa vie amoureuse plus que tumultueuse. Newsletter