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A chinese woman sat in front of

A chinese woman sat in front of me. she was a stranger, but we started chatting. i enjoyed her company and found her easy to talk to. she began giving me a facial and gave me advice on something that i must do right away. it was very urgent. it could not wait. she said it would change my life. i felt some sort of emotional barrier around me began to fall. she began putting honey on my face and urged me to do this one thing, which i cannot remember. i began rubbing granular honey on my hands, entwining them with hers as she rubbed with just the right pressure. the energy level increased. i understood what she was trying to say. i needed to get up now and do this one thing right away, no matter the cost. i woke up.

My faceless man dreams... There were 5

My faceless man dreams... There were 5 total: the first time meeting, a wedding, a date, the honeymoon, and just recently the proposal.

I dreamed I was in a new

I dreamed I was in a new home I was going to move into. There were bees making the honeycomb under a step protected by a large web. I was going to get someone to move the bees before I moved into the home.

I dreamed I was going to move

I dreamed I was going to move into a new home, but next to the stairs was a large spider web and behind it were bees making a honeycomb. I thought I was going to have to call someone to come get the bees out first. There were no spiders.

Honeymoon dream Waterfalls Engagement island Really high

Honeymoon dream Waterfalls Engagement island Really high waterfalls with multiple layers- we started out looking out from the highest point and then made our way to the middle look out point From there when I looked down it was still deep and far down to the water I had 2 per lizards I was cuddling with, One by one each lizard jumped into the water together where I saw one really happy swimming with a giant toad 2 pet lizards each went into the water My love had an orange backpack We jumped in the water falls to get to the next level We crawled through a tiny hole up into an exclusive rich person resort where there were rich taught old lady bodies who were flexing their ass in the mist and gyrating My iPhone broke and I stole purple tape to fix it Bathroom problems and expensive drinks and food Danny was there we got an appetizer It ended with my love and I on a train somewhere in Europe together traveling he had blonde hair and wire glasses we were in an embrace and it was as if it was a movie

I dreamt that we were going on

I dreamt that we were going on our honeymoon and for some reason we were going to the Middle East. After we got to where we were staying I tried to get you to come on to bed and you refused to and acted like you were angry with me. You just wanted to leave and not talk to me. We had an argument that left me crying and you pushed me into our bedroom and ran downstairs before I could get up and I was screaming your name. I eventually went downstairs and the girl who was staying in a different part of the place was in the kitchen on the phone and told me where you were going. I went to step out the door and I heard her get back on the phone and tell you that she lied to me about where you were and that you were now safe to go to the other place you were going to, but I don't remember what it was called. I walked out and was standing across from the building that you were in when you came out in different clothes and you pulled the hood of your hoodie down over your head and started walking until you saw me and started running. I was running after you and was 2-3 steps behind you the entire time until we got to the building you were going to and I was able to catch you when you went to open the door. I grabbed your arm, spun you around, and kissed you and begged you to come back with me. We went back and finally got in bed and I didn't go to sleep until after I was sure you were out of it so that you wouldn't take off and then I woke up