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Found snakes in a bedroom. At least

Found snakes in a bedroom. At least four snakes, appear to be harmless corn snakes or king snakes. Grabbed two to take outside (one bites me, but not too bad, but I wonder if it was coral snake instead of king), I think it must be a mating thing. Called for my son to come look, but youngest daughter was the only one to come out. I throw the snakes into the yard. They race off in matching movements, racing across yard, but seem bigger now, and suddenly a huge bigger reptile speeds in, chasing the snakes. I think it was a tagu (big lizard but it was longer). It sped toward the house, then seemed to collide with the foundation of the house under the stairs. It bounded out from there, snapped on daughter's leg and tried to drag her away. I jumped on it, pried the jaws open, and freed Samantha. Went to sleep at around 11p, woke from dream apx 12:20-12:25 am.

I was dreaming I was laying in

I was dreaming I was laying in the grass at night and a snake slithered over my stomach I tried to not be scared it knew it was crawling over it felt my body heat it reared up as if to warn me but it attacked I threw my hand up to grab it resulting in it biting the top of my right hand but I had a grip in it as well. Out of anger i squeezed it and killed it. Feeling pain in my hand and pulling it's jaws off my hand I see the fang holes.the pain was very bad.

I awoke in a land far far

I awoke in a land far far away, where their was giant Angels fighting against demons, while an ice cream truck was driving past. Then an earthquake hit cause the ice cream to spill out and freeze the earth. Now I'm in the movie the Ice Age and I'm riding a mammoth with a sloth named Sid. I then meat a saber tooth tiger named Diego and we jump into a portal that leads to Mars. I'm not having brunch with George Clonny, Donald Trump, and Kanye West. Then I'm at the beach swimming with Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. But then Jaws comes out of nowhere and eats the other people swimming. I grab everyone and make it back to shore where I am greeted by dancing bacon lead by Kevin Bacon. But I'm then entered into a kung fu tournament and I fight Po for the crown as King of the Thespians.

So in last nights dream I was

So in last nights dream I was being chased by a demon taking the form of different women trying to seduce me. I was driving a camper van through busy crowds so couldn't get away so got out to run and the demon changed from an old lady on a donkey into a sexy blonde and took off her clothes! I ran away and bumped into LL cool J who I tried to hide behind but another demon who was jaws from James Bond saw me and as I ran away he was throwing plates at me to knock me down. I got away down a bank to the side of a river but there was a giant spider there and it was shooting it's webs at me to stop me but I kept breaking free. Then I jumped in the river and swam under water to escape. In the river I turned into alice and was then looking for wonderland. At the other side I got out and went through some gated passageways where I saw a little white cartoon mouse trying to solve a puzzle. I had to help him solve the puzzle to get to wonderland and I knew the answer.

I dreamt the my front side tooth

I dreamt the my front side tooth in the upper jaw and lower jaws fell . I stress a bit on my teeth while sleeping so I always feel they will be affected

I am in a desert but there

I am in a desert but there is about a mile long pool of water that is about 3 foot deep and im im walking in the middle of it i just wearing shorts i see a crocodile it has a yellow aura around its eyes that are also yellow it starts chasing me i run then it grabs my leg and swings me back and forth and it lets go and im thrown from its jaws i am thrown about a mile and end up in the sand near a town but i can still see the alligator but i'm out of the water them i wake up

I dreamt i was at home looking

I dreamt i was at home looking out the window and a hugh orange and white snake was heading towards my front door. I tried to close the front door but the door was made of screen and had a huge hole at the bottom. The snaked moved so fast that i didnt have time to blocked the hole. The snake made its way into the house and began chasing me. An owl appeared and the snake tried to consume the owl. Just as the owl was almost consumed it found strength and pulled itself out of the jaws of the snake and the snake was in a weakened state and I was able to chop its head off.

I'm laying in the sun on a

I'm laying in the sun on a sand at the edge of a lake/ocean. My right foot slips in the water and suddenly a huge catfish clamps down on my foot. It doesn't hurt, but it won't let go until another person pries its jaws off my foot

Okay so my dream started off in

Okay so my dream started off in this building that appeared to have a military-like theme to it. I was in this pale green uniform along with some kids I recognized from my school and a bunch of other people I don't know. We were running back and forth across the concrete floor, doing laps, and then we started doing gymnastics. The place had the same bins as my gymnastics place has where you keep your stuff. I saw my crush and one of his friends walking away. My crush was in a white tank top and black pants. I was so determined to follow him and his friend that I grabbed my stuff in a hurry and I followed him through the back of the building to his truck. It was the same truck that used to belong to my grandmother which was a pretty blue. My crush was in the drivers seat, his friend in the passenger seat, and me in the backseat. He began to drive and I vaguely remember seeing the sun setting through the window. For the longest time they didn't notice I was in the car with them until my crush turned and noticed and me and did a double take as if he couldn't believe I was there. I was embarassed by the way he was looking at me and I looked down at my feet, unable to maintain eye contact with him. Then he continued driving like he didn't mind I was in his car. His friend started talking about all the things he wanted to go and do. My crush responded by saying, "But first we have to do something with her." at hearing them talk about me I looked up and made eye contact with my crush but I got to nervous to hold it so I looked back down at my feet. And that's when I noticed that in my rush to follow my crush I left behind my ballet flats. I told him this, slapping my forehead at the thought that I could be so stupid, and shaking my head in disbelief. He asked me a couple times if I was sure and I answered by nodding my head yes. Suddenly I was next to the lost in found from my school that's located in the girls locker room, on my hands and knees digging through the lost clothing. I dug through until I found the most beautiful pair of black ballet flats I've ever seen in my entire life. I gasped at them in awe for a moment before putting them on my feet. Then I was in a dark alley that was lit only by a couple of streetlights with my crush. He had the same outfit on as earlier. He punched in my left arm to get my attention and said, "Come with me." I didn't argue. I followed him obediately, I was really happy, and we walked along in a thoughtful silence. I followed him up to the rusty door of this vacant warehouse before I stopped. I then punched him in his right arm to get his attention. He turned and looked at me and I responded by looking down at my feet. "Look I found my shoes." I said and in that moment the ballet flats changed from this unearthly black to a vibrant purple. I grinned and a feeling of unmatchable happiness swelled inside me. I thought I saw him smile faintly before opening the warehouse door for me. He offered me his right hand and I took it letting him lead me inside the warehouse. He shut the door behind us. We both turned to gasp at a single lightbulb that shone, with both are jaws dropped we watched as the lightbulb got brighter and brighter until I woke up.