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I was going to a gas station

I was going to a gas station to refill my car. Suddenly a man came and started to shoot and kill people with a couple of guns, with tremendous violence and madness. I was trying to hide in fear. The owner of the gas station tried to hit the shooter with a small container full of fuel. However, that container just bumped on the guy and arrived right next to me. The shooter,now out of control, shot the the small container which exploded violently in front of me. I didn't die, but I was burning alive, screaming in pain. The shooter saw and maybe to shut me up, shot me too. Yet, I didn't die. I woke up in a hospital alive, but completely disfigured from the fire. My face was completely burned, and so my body. My family was there and everyone was crying for me. I was crying too. Then I woke up(for real). When I was awake, I was shivering so much...

I my boyfriend together with the other

I my boyfriend together with the other woman living in the same house i saw my boyfriend changed clothes at the room of the other woman instead in our room i was so mad at him but when i asked him " why did you changed clothes in that room" he approached me first with madness