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Boyfriend has left hand and some fingers

Boyfriend has left hand and some fingers of right hand severed, I am trying to get the severed limbs to him with the unlikely help of my step mother, we got to hospital only to realize we forgot the limbs and I had to go back to my mothers house to get a car to deliver the limbs when I got there my miner who should have been out of country had returned was supposedly trying to study and proceeded to pick a fight with me berating me for my choices and actions and telling me that it was not her fault my life was the way it was and saying how ungrateful I was. Eventually got to leaving and left with image of her relating to my step mother about how much she has done and how little is appreciated I told her I loved her and hope she knew that and left to deliver limbs. Woke up after that

My 6 year old daughter and 2

My 6 year old daughter and 2 of her friends were at a birthday party and did not come home, I couldn't find her. Then I found one of the children by herself near my mothers house alone. I asked her where my daughter was and she would not answer so I shook her. I went home and found my child but did not have time to find out what had happened before the police arrived. The little girl next door had come home and her mother was hysterical. Something had happened to her daughter. She was saying it was my fault, but I don't know why. She wouldn't talk to me. I went back inside and suddenly a man appeared saying he was from the t.v company and started to work on the t.v . I asked him how he entered my property as it was locked, but he did not answer, I grabed my daughter and ran out of the house and down the street and hid. Suddenly I knew he was a child abuser. I watched him run from the property and hide in a field. Suddenly the ground below his feet turned to dessert and the ground started to fall away and fill with blood. I was standing in front of him and he said " I knew today was the day I would die, I forsaw it, and I knew I would die in this hole surrounded by blood. I could have tried to prevent it, but I didn't want to" and then he fell away.

i was in my mothers house in

i was in my mothers house in my old room, my step dad passed away in december of this year so when he was standing there comforting me, was kinda weird, however in the dream my mom had passed and greg was alive, i looked a picture of my mom and fell to my knees crying, my step dad then came down the stairs and helped me up off the floor and said stand tall son, everything is ok...what does this meen, its like the 3rd dream ive had where i wake up balling my eyes out, i cant really rem the other ones i just rem my step dad being there.