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I dreamt about going to a party

I dreamt about going to a party and like a professional mixer party. The part was at a super pretty location and as the dream progressed, I saw a call on my phone that I'd missed. On calling that girl back, I heard the girl felt excluded by me in some ways. The girl wasn't close to me at all, we just had a brief professional stint, that's it. I've an acquaintance with that girl in waking life. I assured her it was nothing and returned to getting ready for the party. At the party, I met a lot of people who I knew and didn't know in waking life. It was a usual party scene where people were eating, drinking, laughing, and clicking pictures. I also met a couple of folks who were very successful in waking life. Out of them, one person really caught my attention. It was a guy, who is a very successful entrepreneur in waking life. I admire his work a lot in waking life. A successful young CEO. We started talking and it was great. We clicked pics and we looked great. Later, I saw us eating burgers at my place with his friend and my dog. It felt very familiar and comfortable. The funniest part of the dream is the guy who I dreamt of meeting is someone who makes recurring appearances in my dreams, sometimes as an investor, friend, a romantic partner, and my husband. We hit it off in the dream, but I was a bit guarded about this person seeing other women in the dream.

I am a 57 years old divorcee.

I am a 57 years old divorcee. I have two boys and a married daughter. I saw in my dream that my dead mom and dead grandma were giving me away in marriage to a non existing person (I saw no groom). There were no guests in the ceremony, no one but mom, granny, the priest and myself and we were all dressed in black. I was holding a bouquet of crimson roses wrapped up in black flower paper. I was thinking of how weird the wedding ceremony was, yet was feeling quite happy as in real life I didn't have a proper wedding party nor I wore a wedding dress; but mom wasn't happy at all and granny was crying. I kept smiling to the non existing audience while thinking whom was I getting married to.

I saw my brown liquid pooh while

I saw my brown liquid pooh while sitting and poohing then a white duck came near me so I ask a person to flush clean water and there was no soap

I dreamt of my dad's step cousin

I dreamt of my dad's step cousin passed away and after few days of death final ritual is happening at my home where is lived for his education 15years ago and when his body is unpacked he cry's saying I don't have peace and I'm hungry. I saw my widow grandmother with flower and my dead grandfather alive applying oil in his room during the final ritual and one of my relatives who came inappropriately dress for the final ritual

I saw a dream last night In

I saw a dream last night In my dream I was in a sea side and there was very huge sharks and one shark swallow me my feoncy was there and he save me my body is injured and I was lying at out of water

I saw lord Krishna flute and someone

I saw lord Krishna flute and someone plays flute music like krishna in dream and music was same like krishna plays music with flute so pretty