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I was sitting in venue car which

I was sitting in venue car which I dream to purchase some day but that car was being driven by my current boyfriend we went to many places tackling all the hurdles finally what I saw I am with my ex in the same car and we are kissing and my sister is sitting in the back seat and crying when we asked her what happened she said she had a break-up

I was watching flowers in some kind

I was watching flowers in some kind of open room which was uknown for me. There was few strangers. Then, older lady with long gray hair came and she was also looking flowers. But then, she suddenly stabed me with knight in ribs. I try to call for help but she huged me and stab knight even deeper in my ribs and I was like paralised or something like that. I try to call those strangers for help, but they left and she was hugging me. Then, I ask her will she kill me, and she said no. Then, I asked will she torture me and she told me that she will cut my arms, legs and then head, but I wont feel any pain.

It was a rainy day and my

It was a rainy day and my wife and I saw my mother in law walking on the sidewalk with her grocery cart, my wife saw her and told me to pull over and I did. As my mother in law was about to get in the car she noticed a pack of tortillas in the middle of the road so she went over with her cart to pick them up. She picked them up and brought them to me, she then went back to get her cart and her shoe fell off, at this time she was in the middle of the intersection trying to put her shoe back on when a black SUV ran her over. My wife and I got out of the car, I approached the driver and told him not to move then I crouched down and tried to pick up the vehicle but I couldn’t then I bent down and asked my mother in law if she could breathe and she said yes I then remembered I had a floor jack in the trunk of my car and went to retrieve it but I woke up.

I dreamt my nephew who leaves with

I dreamt my nephew who leaves with strangers on the same street as us, passing by, going to the shop, then my mother who passed on was next to me, and she said, this child has changed.

I dreamt of an unknown dreamy looking

I dreamt of an unknown dreamy looking guy who was working in his garden. The lady who rented me the place told me his name afterwards. It was Elias and she said that he owned the whole property and multiple others. He looked at me really intensely when I walked past him. Later on in the dream that same lady said he was interested and I politely declined because I have kids, she said he knew, but he wasn’t there to ask himself. I woke up right after. I never saw his face before and haven’t met someone with that name either. Now his face and name keeps on popping up in my mind.

I dreamt I was in a house

I dreamt I was in a house with others. We entered it because I have to knock on something. Then, upstairs, I knocked on the ceiling like. Another knock on the hole where Sto Nino is standing. When I knocked, he looked at me at the. Suddenly fell. I put him back, but he was now sitting and had army of black ants on him. I barely see his face anymore. Then, I ran away going out the house. I was with a kid drifting on a flood. She said, "You didn't expect it to happen so soon but eventually you will do it too."

I had a dream that i was

I had a dream that i was kidnapped along with my sister friend and my sisters friend. we were taken to a random house. at this house girls that got taken to “the bathroom” got raped. my friend got taken there, i told them i was sorry that i couldn’t protect them. then my mom came and the kidnappers make it look like we weren’t kidnapped. my mom tried to give me my phone but i couldn’t hide it so i gave it back to her before the kidnappers could take it. then the kidnappers gave us a second to sit outside and talk to her (when we went outside we were at my grandparents house, the rest of the house was new to me though). we sat outside with her and she said when ever she got a chance she would get us out of there. since it was my grandparents backyard i knew there was a way out. when i said that a was stung my arm, followed by two others. the first one i pulled out hurt the second barely hurt and the third i didn’t feel. then i woke up.

Moons in the sky at 4 am

Moons in the sky at 4 am and I was confused the sky was blue then all of a sudden a plane comes swirling near our tree and then crashes right by the roundabout Mom Aki we’re sleeping in room and victor my ex was too and I just took a whole bunch of pictures and videos and showed you all like crazy. And then I showed mom and she said “ whole lot of death is near” I ran over to the plane and asked mom if I should call 911 and she said no don’t

Met online friend irl and she made

Met online friend irl and she made me watch a CGI cartoon movie titled "A Streetcar Named Desire" ...it started with siblings singing a song about asses. i remember feeling like i wished the experience I was having were real. the movie was awful, though. at some point in the dream, i was back home and really upset about school. she had came and comforted me after a bad interaction with a teacher who was also a cop. this teacher accused me of being disrespectful and it made me get aggressive. I dreamed I smashed the wall in EJ's room out of anger, using his computer to do it. i stopped when Mak screamed out of fear. this is where i woke up. at some point in the dream i had made a cake while my mom did. she complimented it. felt proud of myself for making it. another reason I was angry is because i was in an english class. we had to annotate notes of our peers and this person had told me i spelled "patronize" wrong even though i didn't, and thought all of my points were wrong and was horrible about it. this is why i smashed EJ's wall. another thing i felt was guilt because i ranted about online friend ghosting me days before she made me watch that movie with her. she also wanted me to come see another one. she said we'd meet up at 9-9 on Sunday. I interpreted this as 9:09. at some point in the movie, there was this principal with a fork for a head. he did something that accidentally upset the kids and they all hate him. but it's possible he was egotistical all along. he called himself sexy.