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I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was on a field trip to this huge game stop emporium and it had all the annoying games that say if you win you get an ipod, but when I played I won but the obly prizes to choose from were a gps some random crap and a compass that was electrical so I pickec the compass and then I stole a bunch of cards and a $30 dollar gift card that I ended up paying for because you have to activate it to use it. Then the world switched and I was climbing this huge mossy sandy rocky and crazy mountain blob thing and i uust kept climbing and then I was with three random people and we were chasing this guy and we got caught at the top of the wave and we crashed into the beach and the wave was like tsunami and then my dream jumped to me back on the mountain blob climbing the mossy and sandy part and I was collectong red and pink shiny pebbles and then i was getting swept away by a river that i fell in while looking for pebbles and then my parents were at the edge honking for me to get in the car and then I woke up