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In my dreams I am pregnant and

In my dreams I am pregnant and go in to labor and I didn't know who the father was. But in real life I had a one night stand in march and got scared since my period was late so I had a home test and it was negative but I only new his first name and didn't even know if it was his real name . I am also going to be thirty eight years old this August on the twenty fifth and going to be too old to have kids pretty soon and have been wanting too have a couple kids in this life before its too late.

Bursting Media: John Ross in addition to

Bursting Media: John Ross in addition to ABC News are revealing in which Elvis is, in fact , alive and it has been living inside downstairs room involving Harry Reid's property in the past thirty four years and forking over rent, that Reid offers neglected to report to often typically the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE or maybe Economic council chair Ethics folk. n nRoss, often the superstar involving GRUNDELEMENTER Announcement, declares which he noticed this on the internet and "some middle institution youngster even had images involving just what this individual claims is actually 'Elvis appearing out of Reid's dwelling. ' Hello, the kid explained it was a new genuine graphic, precisely why should we believe him, its on the internet immediately after all", Ross explained. d nHey Harry, create your taxation files within the last 34 years and prove you haven't already been acknowledging under-the-table leasing installments via Elvis Presley. What are you actually hiding? Exactly why cannot you merely give us thrity four numerous years of tax documents in addition to end this specific should you truly performed allege the actual salary? n nQED: Harry Reid did not shell out the income taxes..... some remarkable n(Alana Elvis Presley perished in 1978 dependent on drugs which is rather effectively noted which he is definitely dead, notwithstanding consistent fringe gossip over the '80s as well as '90s. ) goedkope moncler jassen

I dreamed my deceased mother told me

I dreamed my deceased mother told me to be careful of someone who has been causing me problems for thirty years and that I know this woman very well. She told me I must get my oldest daughter away from this woman as she is evil and turning my daughter against me. My daughter has been living with this woman for the past five months. Then my mother's sister, my aunt, who is also deceased told me that she was afraid it is too late to save my oldest daughter and for me to get ready because it's coming. She said it several times, be ready because it's coming.

im running through a graveyard at the

im running through a graveyard at the moment a man with a dirty red hat blue dirty long sleeve shirt and Jeans covered in dirt no face just I shadow I get to a road and a lady in a red dress in here late thirtys is drving a black car I try to call for help but she smiles and drives off a dog bites my leg i kick the dog off I'm running up hill see a house bang on the door no answer no car in the drive way only house for miles it seems unlocked I go in and I shut the door locked it turn around thinking he was walking the whole time he can't catch up but sure enough he's in the living room with an axe