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I was at this lacrosse clinic for

I was at this lacrosse clinic for a college that I really love. It was very weird, we were all in this indoor turf field that had a clear wall where all these coaches were watching every move thatI made and the other girls at the clinic made. I didn't know what they were thinking but it made me very nervous. I remember jumping off of a ball with my lacrosse stick in my hand it was very strange. The clinic is coming up in a week too.

In this dream, I see myself in

In this dream, I see myself in some kind of stadium, almost like an arena-football stadium. Except the turf/field is set up for lacrosse. I am with my friends who also play lacrosse. In the stadium there were events that were taking place and it felt like we were forced to participate in them. Throughout the dream as it progressed, the events were like an average lacrosse practice (scooping up ground balls, shooting drills, defensive drills). At this point in the dream my friends and I began to get geared up, we warm up and from here on it was every man for himself. I remember I kept moving on to the next events because I kept beating other kids that were there. I also noticed that all of my friends have advanced as well. I was so determined to, and virtually unstoppable. i was catching every ball, making every shot in the net. I felt great, I was loving the way I was playing. Now near the end of the dream I had to go one on one with one of my friends. I could tell both him and I were feeling like No Mercy. The event was catch a ball that would get thrown in the air, and then carry the ball and beat your opponent down the field and shoot the ball past the goalie. The event starts, I catch the ball, I beat my friend down the field and then as I begin to wind up to take my shot, I wake up and my dream ends.