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Reggie is a magician’s assistant ― “the

Reggie is a magician’s assistant ― “the disappearance boy” ― for Teddy Brookes’s “Missing Lady”. Each night, and three times on a Thursday, Reggie helps the lovely assistant of Mr Brookes (“it seemed right to be formal, somehow”) disappear into a puff of smoke. Or rather, he helps herSales of annuities slumped by 16 per cent last year as savers tired of the decreasing yields on these products, which convert a pension pot into an annual retirement income for the rest of their lives. Air Max Griffey 1 Women's

I had a few dreams last night.

I had a few dreams last night. the two that stuck out the most seemed to have something to show me. what it is i have on idea. i was in a small boat with tow other people. i felt as if i knew these two every well. i asked to stop at a small stream connecting to the one we were on. i said i want to look around for something. what it was i was looking for i have no idea. i came across a vain of gold not to far from the boat. i looked to my right and there were two grizzly bears who were watching me. i heard a voice call to me "Be careful for the bears will protect what is rightfully theirs. i looked at the ground were the gold was, and said to my self this cant be what they are protecting. i told my self i should grab the gold and head black to the boat. i knelt down and tore from the river a sold chunk of gold. i looked to the bears how were now running at me, and i turned to run to the boat. i knew i would make it to the boat, but before i got to there i turned back and throw the gold into the stream. i continued to run. not long after i could see the boat. when i got to it i throw my self into it and yield at the two guys i was with " Go go go! we traveled down the rive for a few seconds before the stream trued into a rode. were we meant a swarm of bees of some sort. i don't recall it they were stinging me or not, but the two men i was with were being stung. the rest i don't remember. i woke up and few back to sleep. In this new dream i was sitting in my room with my parents. we were talking about something i don't recall what it was. after we were done talking they left the room. i went to lie down but before i could a black cat with long legs and a head the size of a softball came into my room. it had eye that could see start throw you. the color i remember vary well. it was a fiery green. i scared the cat out of my room and went into my bed. within just a few mints the cat came back into my room. it jumped into my bed and put its head out for me to pet it. i put my hand out and as soon as i did it pushed its head to my hand. i don't understand what was happening to me. my body began to curl into the feudal position and my hart began to beat louder and faster. i did not want it to continue so i tried to push the cat away but my limes would not respond. if felt as the cat was draining me. because of this felling i was able to come p with Strength i did not know i had and push the cat away with my leg and pull my arm away. i don't know were the strength came from but i vary thank full for it. as soon as the cat and i ware no longer connected i wake up. i was in the feudal position and my hart was bounding. my hand was tingling few seconds and it slowly whet away after i garbed my cross that was gin to me by my aunt how passed away.